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15+ Cute Bunny Books for Kids!


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Dec 14, 2023
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Bunny books for kids are delightful to read when spring approaches! Whether you have your own pet rabbit, you see bunnies in your backyard, or you simply love these adorable animals, these children’s books about rabbits are sure to delight young readers. Check them out!

The covers of nine sweet bunny books for kids!

Bunny books bring adorable rabbits to life!​

There’s just something about bunnies.

Whether you have a pet rabbit or you are one of the lucky ones that get to peek at the wild rabbits hopping through your backyard, something about these adorable animals just makes us melt.

If you’ve got a child who adores all things bunny related, the bunny books on this list are must-reads. Children’s books about rabbits bring these delightful creatures to life. And when they have sweet and spunky personalities in engaging picture books, it makes them even cuter!

Children’s books about rabbits delight young readers​

The bunny books below are about lovable rabbits, and no matter which books you choose, they are sure to impart something important to your children. From compassion to perspective to emotional intelligence to friendship, these are the children’s books about rabbits that we have fallen for, head over heels.

We hope these books make storytime at your house as special as they do at ours. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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Frequently asked questions​

What classic children’s books are about bunnies?
The Runaway Bunny, Pat the Bunny, and The Velveteen Rabbit, just to name a few! These bunny books have stood the test of time, and each of these lovable stories have been cherished for decades by millions of children. These children’s books about rabbits are pure magic and must-haves for all kids!

Bunny books make me think of Easter. Do you have any good Easter book recommendations?
Of course! Check out our favorite Easter books for toddlers right here!

What is your favorite bunny book?
I am so in love with The Rabbit Listened, by Cori Doerrfeld (featured below). It is a picture book about listening and compassion that I absolutely cherish, and the bunny in the story is adorable!

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Our very favorite bunny book!​

The cover of The Rabbit Listened, one of our favorite bunny books for kids.

The Rabbit Listened
By Cori Doerrfeld

Something terrible has happened to little Taylor: she cannot get over her devastation when a tower she worked so hard to construct crashes to the ground. Her friends try to help. They offer suggestions and unsolicited advice, trying everything under the sun to get her to calm down. But it is only when the rabbit sits next to Taylor and listens — just listens, quietly, calmly, and with compassion — that she begins to feel better. How I love this one! This is a phenomenal picture book highlighting the ever-important quality of listening and not trying to “fix” things. This is one of my very favorite children’s books about friendship.


Classic bunny books​

The cover of The Runaway Bunny, a classic bunny book for kids.

The Runaway Bunny
By Margaret Wise Brown

“If you run away,” said his mother, “I will run after you. For you are my little bunny.” In this classic children’s book, a little bunny and his mommy play an imaginary game of hide and seek. No matter whether the little bunny is a fish in a stream or a rock on a mountain, his protective mama will always find him. This is the sweetest story of a mother’s love and the ways in which a parent will move heaven and earth to find her child, no matter what. This tender bedtime story has been read to children since it was first published in 1942, and it has never been out of print since!


The cover of Pat the Bunny, a classic bunny book for babies.

Pat the Bunny
By Dorothy Kunhardt

If you have a baby in your home, chances are you already know of this perennial favorite! First published in 1940, this sweet, simple story has captivated babies for generations. With straightforward prompts, this interactive, lift-the-flap book engages kids through simple questions, providing a fabulously fun and playful experience that young readers adore. From patting the bunny to smelling the flowers to playing peek-a-boo, this is a must-have for every newborn baby and toddler!


The cover of The Velveteen Rabbit, a classic bunny book for kids.

The Velveteen Rabbit
By Margery Williams Bianco and Charles Santoro

What happens when a little stuffed rabbit wishes to become real? Can an owner’s love make it so? In this classic story, one stuffed animal wants nothing more than to be loved for a long, long time. Only then will the rabbit become real, but the chances of achieving this are slight. After all, the little boy he lives with has so many other toys – even mechanical ones! -competing for his owner’s attention. But one day, in place of a lost toy, the boy’s nanny gives him the bunny to snuggle with, and thus begins a relationship to last a lifetime. This tender, classic story is a winner!


The cover of Marshmallow, an award-winning bunny book for kids.

By Clare Turlay Newberry

What happens when a cat, which used to garner all the attention in a home, suddenly has a new rabbit roommate? When Oliver the Tabby Cat meets Marshmallow the bunny, tensions fly. But Marshmallow, of course, is hard to resist. This is the darling story of how these two furry house pets become fast friends, and it will melt your heart! This classic book won the Caldecott award in 1943, and it has been cherished ever since!


More bunny books we adore​

The cover of Knuffle Bunny, a beloved bunny book for kids.

Knuffle Bunny
By Mo Willems

This is the story of what happens one afternoon when dad is in charge and he takes his little girl, Trixie, to run what should be an otherwise mundane errand. The two go to the laundromat with Trixie’s favorite stuffie, Knuffle Bunny, in tow. But their adventure takes a turn for the terrible when they get home only to realize that Knuffle Bunny is missing! This is one of our very favorite stories — and a hilarious take on what happens when dad is in charge and things go totally, hopelessly awry. Authentic and spot on, you will absolutely love this one! For more Mo Willems books, click the link for a list of our favorites!


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The cover of Charlotte the Scientist is Squished, an adorable STEM bunny book for kids.

Charlotte the Scientist is Squished
By Camille Andros and Brianne Farley

Calling all STEM lovers! Or, for that matter, calling any kid who loves science experiments (which basically means all kids, right?) This fun bunny book about a rabbit who needs more space at home to conduct her science experiments teaches kids an important process for experimentation that will grow with them as their own questions and hypotheses become more and more challenging. Andros takes a practical skill and applies it to her story adeptly, with such charm and spunk, that kids won’t even realize how much they are picking up as they read. You can’t beat a book that is equal parts educational and adorable and will have kids laughing and learning at the same time. For our full review of Charlotte the Scientist is Squished, click the link!


The cover of Hope is a Hop, a sweet new bunny book for kids.

Hope is a Hop
By Katrina Moore and Melissa Iwai

In this darling book that is perfect for Spring and to gift in an Easter basket as well, one little girl is devastated when a rascally rabbit destroys her beautiful flower garden. Yet, this ending is also the start of a new beginning, and sweet Eva learns through this tiny rabbit that you should never give up when the going gets tough. We love this beautiful story of resilience that conveys the importance of having a growth mindset. Even better? The stunning illustrations and gorgeous prose. This is a new bunny book that children adore!


The cover of Bunny Slopes, an adorable interactive bunny book for kids.

Bunny Slopes
By Claudia Rueda

Bunny is going to conquer the bunny slopes, but he needs your help! This children’s book about snow features an adorable skiing rabbit, and it is an interactive dream. Shake the book to make it snow, tilt it to help bunny down the slope, and turn it this way and that to help Bunny get out of the way of the obstacles in his path! This is one of our most cherished interactive books, as we love how it makes readers the master of the story in an effort to help Bunny down the mountain.


The cover of Out of a Jar, a beautiful bunny book about feelings..

Out of a Jar
By Deborah Marcero

Llewelyn doesn’t like to feel tough feelings. So he bottles them up inside and hides them away where they can’t bother him. But then he starts bottling up joy and excitement too, and he stops feeling anything at all. What will happen when his emotions refuse to stay bottled up? This book, a follow-up to the equally stunning In a Jar, is just so special, both with its beautiful words and illustrations. I cannot recommend this pair enough. They are pure magic, and if you have a little one that loves bunny books, these will be cherished on their shelf!


The cover of Wolfie the Bunny, a terrific bunny book for kids.

Wolfie the Bunny
By Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora

What happens when your parents adopt a new baby, but the baby is not a bunny like the rest of the family but a wolf instead? Mom and Dad are so smitten with their new arrival, and only their daughter realizes that Wolfie may eat them all up! This take on adoption and family diversity, sibling rivalry, and overcoming differences is spot on — leaving readers young and old entertained, enlightened, and, most importantly, grinning from ear to ear. A delightful children’s book about rabbits – and an awesome sibling book for kids, too!


The cover of Earn It!, a bunny book for kids about money.

Earn It!: A Moneybunny Book
By Cinders McLeod

If you want to begin a conversation with your children about all things money, this darling series, the Moneybunny books, is the perfect place to start! Earn It! imparts to children that money must be earned. The harder you work, the more you make! It’s a simple concept shared through a delightful story and character, and the other books in the series, including Save It!, Spend It!, and Give it! are equally terrific for giving kids a primer in financial literacy. For more great children’s books about money, click the link!


The cover of Duck! Rabbit!, a classic bunny book for young readers.

Duck! Rabbit!
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

Two narrators (who are off the page and therefore unseen) are debating the nature of the animal at the heart of this book. One is certain it’s a rabbit, but the other knows, without a doubt, that it is, in fact, a duck. One sees rabbit ears, the other sees a bill. One sees the animal eating bread, the other sees it eating a carrot. Who is right? Is there a right? I’ve always loved optical illusions, and this book made us laugh out loud from start to finish! For more funny children’s books, click the link!


The cover of Creepy Pair of Underwear, a favorite funny bunny book for kids.

Creepy Pair of Underwear
By Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown

This has been on heavy rotation in our house since the day it came in the mail, so much so that when my son had to dress as a book character for a party at school he chose to go as Jasper Rabbit in his ghoulish, glowing underwear. I mean, take a pair of neon green underpants, smack a creepy, Frankenstein-esque face on them, and mail them to China (only to have them immediately returned with a pair of chopsticks!), and it’s clear you have a winner on your hands. Need I say more? This is the bunny book of all bunny books, and it’s also a fabulously fun children’s book about clothing!


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The cover of Bunny's Book Club, an adorable bunny book for kids about reading.

Bunny’s Book Club
By Annie Silvestro and Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Bunny loves to read, and he especially loves listening to the librarian read stories outside the library on warm summer days. But when storytime moves back inside, what will a book-loving bunny do? Bunny discovers a plan, and soon he has sweet, big bear and several other animals sneaking with him into the library each night to bring a bunch of books back to their burrow. But when they are caught, will they get in trouble? Of course not! It just means it’s time for library cards! This is a delightful children’s book about rabbits to celebrate a love of reading.


The cover of Wish, a sweet bunny book for kids.

By Chris Saunders

Sweet little rabbit has never had a wish before, and when he one day gets not just one wish, but three wishes, whatever will he do? Rabbit seeks advice from his animal pals, asking them what they would do if they each had a wish. In a move filled with compassion and generosity, Rabbit grants all of his wishes to his three friends! Of course, being ever so grateful for Rabbit’s kindness, Rabbit’s friends share their wishes with him. At once tender and beautiful, this sweet story of kindness will be a hit with your bunny book lovers!


The cover of Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, a gorgeous bunny book for kids.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons
By Il Sung Na

Il Sung Na can do no wrong in my book, and in this gorgeous story, children learn what happens to animals as one season turns into another. With simple text, learn how some animals hibernate, some swim to warm water, and some fly long distances as the seasons change. While this book is not solely about rabbits, its magical illustrations and lyrical text make it a winner and a lovely nonfiction animal book for young readers!


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