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9 ways to care for your mental health at Christmas


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Dec 14, 2023
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The holidays magnify our emotions – if we’re excited and filled with Christmas spirit, we can’t help breaking out in carols. But if we’re feeling stressed or depressed, the festivities can make us turn inward. The holidays aren’t easy, and that’s why it’s important to prioritise your mental health over these coming months.

This infographic by Rehab 4 Addiction – an organization based in the UK, reminds us that it’s normal to feel a range of emotions this time of year. Experiencing anxiety from crowds while shopping, becoming stressed about social interactions, and panicking about money are common experiences. Some people who experience mental health diagnoses with find they are heighted this time of year, but the truth is everyone needs to practice self care, because we all have ups and downs.

Take a look at the nine ways you can practice self care this holiday season – the great part is that most can be adapted to fit your lifestyle and personality. So while some people will choose to engage with a large community of people to ‘get out of their head,’ others only need a handful of people they trust and feel known by.

  1. Look after yourself and listen to your body
  2. Talk to other people, in person or through technology if you are apart
  3. Plan ahead so you feel prepared and in control
  4. Learn to say no to others. You get to choose what you do this season.
  5. Try to stay active. Take moments to exercise, even in the midst of your busyness.
  6. Take a break from social media. Perhaps set yourself a curfew.
  7. Join the local community by visiting a church, community group or community meal
  8. Eat well and drink sensibly. Manage how much alcohol you drink and try to energise your body.
  9. It’s ok to ask for help. Reach out to people you trust or call a helpline. The infographic lists a variety of services in the UK. In Australia you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For other sources visit TWLOHA.com/find-help.


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