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Artists You Should Know: 3kelves


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Dec 14, 2023
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He might be best known for his work on songs by artists such as LION BABE, but DJ/producer and songwriter 3kelves is literally and figuratively making a name for himself on his newest EP, Lucas 루카스, out via toucan sounds. Born in South Korea and based in San Francisco, Taewook Lucas Kang is no stranger to international collaborations done online, a common practice brought about because of the pandemic.

On Lucas 루카스, he decided to switch matters up and meet with people who, despite working tirelessly together on previous material, he had only known through Discord. The byproduct of face-to-face meetings with longtime contributors shows in the quality of the production, seemingly engineered in a lab to ensure each song is equally infectious.

“Tides” comes crashing in with a funk guitar and a glitzy disco shine to the production that gives the track bounce throughout. Consistent with 3kelves’ longtime love for indie pop, the song’s happy-go-lucky feel is undoubtedly radio-ready in large part due to the pristine quality of the instrumental, a reflection of his skills as a producer.

Lead single and EP closer “Nonsense” is perhaps 3kelves at his best, sporting a laidback beat and fluttering synths that fit the catchy chorus. The electronic inflictions of the song pair exceptionally well with the repetitious “Turn it back” melody, making for a calm and collected combination of dance music and indie sensibilities. Those sensibilities draw some comparison to artists like Toro y Moi and Little Dragon, but 3kelves has a firm foot in the same sphere of house music he debuted with in 2018.

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While 3kelves has been making music and opening for artists in San Francisco like KAYTRANADA for some time, the last two years have been his most prolific and evolutionary thanks to ventures like co-founding C3DO Recordings. Although Lucas 루카스 had several hands involved, including frequent collaborator and fellow DJ/producer Dylan C. Greene, 3kelves unites the EP under his own sheen coat of disco paint that makes the project unique to him.

Words: David Sosa

Lucas 루카스 by 3kelves is out on streaming services. For more on new music and potential shows, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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