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Artists You Should Know: Benjamin Ingrosso


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Dec 14, 2023
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Benjamin Ingrosso has spent most of his life evolving into the electro-pop sensation he’s revealed himself to be over the last six years. With four unsurprisingly propulsive records to his name and a fifth on the way, the singer/songwriter and producer is poised for an international breakthrough. One that very well could begin this year as he prepares for a run of 2024 headlining dates in the U.K. and Europe.

Unless you’re a follower of European music competitions like Eurovision or the Swedish Melodifestivalen chances are Ingrosso has flown under your radar up until now. At 26 years old, one might say a yearning to perform is in his blood, inheriting a fondness for the stage from the many actors and musicians he counts as relatives. That includes cousin Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia and his own parents: Emilio Ingrosso, a dancer and composer, and Pernilla Wahlgren, a singer and actor — the two meeting at Melodifestivalen 1985.

From an early age, Ingrosso could be found on all kinds of stages. From numerous musicals and plays to the televised Lilla Melodifestivalen which he won in 2006 at the age of nine. Just one year later he dropped his first single “Jag är en astronaut,” originally recorded by his uncle actor Linus Wahlgren. He also performed quite a few times early on with his mother: in 2009 they sang songs by The Jackson 5 in Swedish for another televised concert.

In 2014, he decided to put aside musicals in favor of his aspirations toward making music. Though he continued to appear in competitions like the celebrity dancing series Let’s Dance 2014 and Melodifestivalen 2017-2018. That latter year proved monumental for Ingrosso in a variety of ways: not only did he take first place, but he also represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest and dropped his debut album Identification.

After introducing himself as a purveyor of dually breezy and anthemic pop with that initial LP a well-spring of new music gushed forth. Not just his tracks — which he solely writes — but also songs written for several other European artists. He also co-produced the back-to-back releases of his second and third albums, sung entirely in Swedish, which came in 2021 as En gång i tiden parts one and two.

Ingrosso followed both less than a year later with his third record Playlist, the title alluding to the riveting replayability of surging dance tracks like “Dance for Me” and “Heart of Glass.” Since then he’s been named “Artist of the Year” by the Swedish Grammys and released an EP, Benjamin’s – 2023, that revealed his gleaming vocals as a stunning lightning-rod of pop balladry.

Now Ingrosso gearing up for the next phase of his rise to global pop stardom. Heralding it with his buoyant new single “Kite,” a track that wrangles together the pop-soul of ABBA with a smattering of eccentric 90’s influences like Robyn. Just today he shared a new version of the thrilling track that enlists Olly Alexander — their ecstatic cries tracing Ingrosso’s — imbuing them with an electrifying emphasis on the song’s free-wheeling embrace of love.

At its core, “Kite” is a rush of the same dance-minded, adrenaline-thumping anthemics that he has become known for. Its adjoining Maksym Rovenko-directed music video captures the cinematic euphoria and captivating charisma contained within its energizing melody: with Ingrosso dancing and wailing in front of an angular backdrop of sky-blue clouds.

“For me, ‘Kite’ is about the first time you meet someone new and the feeling you get that anything is possible, the euphoria and freedom you feel when you meet someone who makes you feel like you’re soaring high above everyone else,” Ingrosso said of the single. “But it can also be about anything that makes you feel alive. It can be about life being a party and daring to test your wings, about being young and having fun, but also about falling in love and losing love.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Visit Benjamin Ingrosso on his website, TikTok, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Benjamin Ingrosso tour
MAR 31 – Knust – Hamburg, Germany
APR 1 – Melkweg – Amsterdam, Netherlands
APR 3 – Heaven – London, U.K.
APR 4 – Les Etoiles – Paris, France
APR 5 – CBE – Köln, Germany
APR 7 – Kranhalle – Munich, Germany
APR 8 – Hole 44 – Berlin, Germany
APR 9 – Amaget Bio – Copenhagen, Denmark
APR 11 – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, Norway
APR 12 – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, Norway
APR 16 – Magnolia – Milan, Italy
APR 17 – Chango – Madrid, Spain
APR 22 – Tavastia – Helsinki, Finland
JUL 17 – Sofieto Slott – Helsingborg, Sweden
JUL 18 – Brottet – Halmstad, Sweden
JUL 19 – Pinneviken – Lysekil, Sweden
JUL 23 – Tallriken – Malmö, Sweden
JUL 25 – Mariebergsskogen – Karlstad, Sweden
JUL 26 – Gasklockorna – Gävle, Sweden
AUG 1 – Fredriksskans – Kalmar, Sweden
AUG 2 – Stangebrofaltet – Linköping, Sweden
AUG 8 – Stadion – Stockholm, Sweden
AUG 9 – Way Out West – Gothenburg, Sweden

Watch the music video for “KIte” the new single Benjamin Ingrosso below!

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