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Artists You Should Know: Feliz Final


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Dec 14, 2023
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Their name might mean Happy Ending in English, but Madrid electronic outfit Feliz Final is just starting off and already tapping into a lush pocket of alternative pop if their new Nostalgia EP is any indication. After forming about three years ago in Madrid as a trio, the band has steadily doubled to a lineup of six, which now comprises singers, guitarists, multi-instrumentalists, and graphic designers.

Each member contributes equally to Feliz Final’s distinctive variant of synth-pop that soothes as much as it encourages you to get your dancing shoes on, all while softly sung vocals thrive in their bubbly soundscapes.

The band is hugely inspired by acts such as CHVRCHES and LCD Soundsystem, with the former’s influence manifesting in electronic-pop songs like “Te espero aquí / Nostalgia.” In keeping with the EP’s exploration of what nostalgia means to everyone, the sometimes subtle instruments and subdued vocals harken back to simpler times, untethered by waiting for someone to return.

Although it was their first official release, “A que sabes por qué” is still one of their best tracks. Through synths and a pulsating bass that acts as an anxiety-free timer, building up to a bouncy latter half, Feliz Final proved early on that they can create catchy synth-pop grooves great for easy listening. Above all else, the song’s breezy undertones are a testament to calming melodies that work over muted or lively instrumentals.

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Despite their short time as a band, Feliz Final is already accustomed to changes and going in new directions when needed. Previously, vocalist/guitarist Blanca Mudel was a frequent collaborator for the group, featuring on nearly every song they had made. However, due to her significant contributions, she became a full-fledged member last year, a prime example of Feliz Final’s still-evolving electronic sound growing for the better.

As of now, the eight tracks they have under their belt show a promising start that hopefully will not end anytime soon and develop into another win for synth-pop fans.

Words: David Sosa

Nostalgia by Feliz Final is out on streaming services. For more on new music and potential shows, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and their website.

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