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Best New Songs Featuring Deqn Sue, Asi Fui, and Wine Lips


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Dec 14, 2023
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In another roundup of exciting music, we bring you three songs that may very well be new favorites. If you’re looking for more fresh finds from the best artists working today, our Best New Songs of the Month playlist is constantly updated to make the search easier. You can also check out some of our New Music editorials and Artists You Should Know features so nothing goes under your radar.

Deqn Sue

Photo via Deqn Sue’s Bandcamp

Deqn Sue “Love Bomb”​

Always one to inject her songs with a unique sense of humor, alternative pop singer Deqn Sue is caught off guard, albeit rather lightheartedly, on her newest single, “Love Bomb.” The Alabama native, who always stayed true to her own brand of colorful pop, finds herself getting ghosted and left to reckon with reality. In spite of the sudden change, she’s okay now that “it’s so done, bitch,” a sentiment repeated over a beat dotted by claps and distorted flashes comparable to the fuzz of a TV.

Compared to what’s considered current, the song’s alternative hip-hop angle shares more resemblance to rappers from ten years ago than those working today, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering Deqn Sue released her first album, Zeitgeist, in 2014. But if anything, it shows how singular she’s remained in the face of changing styles, with her personality exuding in every aspect of the track, ranging from a sarcastic delivery to jittery production that changes in unpredictable ways.

For more on new music and potential live shows, follow her on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Listen to “Love Bomb” the new single from Deqn Sue below!

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Asi Fui band

Photo Credit: Casey Lewis

Asi Fui “Heal It”​

Long Beach psych quartet Asi Fui, who started 2024 on a high note with back-to-back singles, is following up with “Heal It,” an equally eclectic song that shows how wide their spectrum of styles reaches. At first, the track opens to a mellow guitar and soft harmonizing. But fast-paced drums keep the song moving, lending a clue as to how rapid the track’s escalation will be. Lead singer Tatiana Velazquez’s vocals reverberate throughout, so much so that you can feel “in your bones” as she repeats in the song’s chorus.

While the first half is delicate, perfect for late-night introspection, the out-of-time speed of the drums takes things up a notch, with the guitar cutting through the heavy bassline like a saw blade to a powerline. Velazquez has no trouble keeping up, matching the rising temperature without being lost in the drowning sea of sweeping instruments. The last 40 seconds is where the song peaks, kicking into gear as every member fires off on all cylinders, not leaving any bystanders behind in what’s an entirely new beast compared to where “Heal It” began.

For more on new music and potential live shows, follow them on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Listen to “Heal It” the new single from Asi Fui below!

Wine Lips band

Photo via Wine Lips’ Bandcamp

Wine Lips “Fried IV”​

Although it’s been some time since Toronto garage punk band Wine Lips released Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party, the fourth installment of their “Fried” series of songs, “Fried IV,” is proof they haven’t slowed down one bit. A razor-sharp guitar looking to cause violence opens the song to a heightened sense of paranoia, with the drums rolling in like an oncoming tsunami flooding everything in sight. The angsty garage rock-driven vocals are right at home with the guitar shredding and thunderous drums, shouting through a speakerphone-esc effect fitting for rallying troops in a crowded audience.

As if the song wasn’t already hellbent on splitting a hole in the roof, the climactic guitar solo takes things to another level, recalling old-school punk stars in the best way possible. Soon after, there’s a fleeting moment to breathe before every instrument comes from out of nowhere and jolts life back into the track, leading into an onslaught that booms until the very end.

For more on new music and potential live shows, follow them on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Listen to “Fried IV” the new single from Wine Lips below!

Words: David Sosa

Did all of these songs make your ears perk up? Much more is waiting to be discovered on our Best New Songs of the Month playlist, updated regularly to ensure you hear the best of the best among new acts driving music forward!

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