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Books About Blocks We Adore!


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Dec 14, 2023
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These books about blocks are absolutely delightful! When combined with block play or displayed in a block center, these stories teach kids about building, counting, size, and more. Check out our list of favorites!

The covers of nine fabulous children's books about blocks.

Spark creativity with these books about blocks!​

Are you ready to delight your preschoolers? These fabulous books about blocks are perfect for preschool, combining fun with a hefty dose of education too.

The block books on this list take children on imaginative adventures as they see children build towering skyscrapers to magical domains. They transport preschoolers to construction sites and block cities, all while stimulating their sense of wonder and curiosity.

Not only do these books about blocks entertain, but they also teach critical thinking skills and concepts that foster early development.

Books about blocks have tremendous educational value.​

The following books about blocks are perfect for encouraging experimentation and exploration. As young readers follow along with cherished book characters who they see stacking, sorting, and constructing, they too will begin to experiment with shapes, sizes, and colors as they build their own creations.

By engaging in bookish play as a companion to the stories they read, your kids will not only develop spatial awareness, but those fine motor skills will get a workout, too!

Though these books about blocks are simple, they will help our youngest readers expand their vocabulary and math understanding as they count blocks, identify shapes, and describe the structures they build. Each page of these wonderful stories becomes an exciting opportunity for growth, imagination, and learning.

What are you waiting for? Check them out below!

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Frequently asked questions​

Why is it important to read books about blocks?
Block books are fabulous for our youngest readers. Not only do these stories entertain and encourage kids to use their imaginations, but they also teach critical thinking skills and other concepts that foster early development.

Can you recommend books about construction to go along with block books?
Absolutely! Check out a list of our favorite children’s books about construction right here!

Are these children’s books about blocks good for the Playing Preschool curriculum?
Yes! In fact, this list has been designed with Year 2 of Playing Preschool in mind. For all of our Playing Preschool book lists, click here! And to learn more about this fabulous program for preschool at home, click here.

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We love these children’s books about blocks!​

The cover of Block City, a wonderful book about blocks for children.

Block City
By Robert Louis Stevenson and Daniel Kirk

In this classic book about blocks, one young boy lets his imagination take flight as he enjoys building during playtime. Even better? The beautiful illustrations are paired with Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic poem, which is as relevant now as it was in 1883! Young readers will want to make their own imaginative creations right along with the child in the story.


The cover of Bigger! Bigger!, a darling board book about blocks.

Bigger! Bigger!
By Leslie Patricelli

We love this darling ode to creativity! One little builder is presented with a big box of blocks – and there is so much she can make! How high will her masterpieces reach, and what will happen when they fall? This simple yet charming story is perfect for any child who exuberantly yells “bigger!” or “taller!” while making their own creations.


The cover of Building Books, a fantastic book about blocks books for kids.

Building Books
By Megan Wagner Lloyd and Brianne Farley

Katie loves to build and loves the sound blocks make when they clink together. Her brother, Owen, loves to read, relishing in the smell of each glorious page. Katie does not like to read, and Owen does not like to build. When they begin to bicker, a wise librarian encourages them to find a solution. Will the two learn to build something together?


The cover of Blocks, a classic children's book about blocks.

By Irene Dickson

Red blocks, blue blocks way up high… red blocks, blue blocks crash down from the sky! Will two preschoolers learn to collaborate and share their differently colored blocks? And what on earth will happen when a new friend wants to join them – with green blocks, no less? We love this pitch-perfect book about blocks, building, crashing, and sharing that hits all the right notes for the preschool set!


The cover of Build! a fabulous children's construction book.

By Red Nose Studio

If you have a young truck lover at home, they will love watching these incredible vehicles build! The vehicles take turns getting everything ready for the building – digging the foundation, hauling the blocks, and lifting them up – and once the tower is built, it gets knocked right back down again! Children will delight in the surprise ending, giving rise to the question if this is a real construction site or simply a child’s backyard.


The cover of Rex Wrecks It!, a funny book about blocks for kids.

Rex Wrecks It!
By Ben Clanton

Rex has a problem. Every time his friends make creations with their blocks, he can’t stop himself from wrecking their masterpieces! No matter what they make, no matter how big or how small, Rex sends those creations to the ground. Will playtime with Rex ever be fun for everyone, or will Rex continue to frustrate those around him?


The cover of Dreaming Up, a classic kids book about blocks and building.

Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building
By Christy Hale

This book is an absolute marvel, combining illustrations of children building with photos of famous architectural structures from around the world. It celebrates the joy of play and the power of imagination and curiosity, all while introducing children to the study of architecture. For older children, detailed back matter discusses the different structures included in the book, as well as the architects that designed them. A gem!


The cover of Crash! Boom!, a terrific children's book about blocks and math.

Crash! Boom! A Math Tale
By Robie H. Harris and Chris Chatterton

Elephant can’t wait to build a tower as tall as he is. How many blocks will it take? And how long before it comes crashing down? From counting to building, measuring to predicting, we love the way this sweet story encourages kids to try, try again!


The cover of Fort Building Time, a wonderful book about blocks and building.

Fort Building Time
By Megan Wagner Lloyd and Abigail Halpin

Journey with kids through the seasons as they discover new materials to build with throughout the year. From leaves to snow to sand, this is a wonderful exploration of play and imagination that encourages children to see that there are so many things around them to build with, aside from blocks alone! We love the way this book showcases how there are opportunities to build everywhere, with everything!


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The cover of Be a Maker, a fabulous children's book about making.

Be a Maker
By Katey Howes and Elizabet Vukovic

The book begins with a simple query: “Ask yourself this question in the morning when you wake: / in a world of possibilities, today, what will you make?” It then brilliantly delves into all of the things you can make in a day— from making towers and telescopes and spaceships to making friends, plans, and gifts, from making pledges to help others to making a difference in the community. Though this story is perfect for block lovers as it focuses on ingenuity and innovation, it is so much more than that. In a remarkable twist, it also speaks to the broader notion of using the things you make to make a positive impact on the world. For our full review of Be a Maker, click here!


The cover of Changes, Changes, a classic book about blocks for children.

Changes, Changes
By Pat Hutchins

In this wordless picture book, an inventive wooden block couple live in their colorful block house. One day, oh no! Their house catches fire, so what do they do? They transform their home into a firetruck. And when there is too much water after putting out the fire? Well, they construct a boat, of course! We love this adorable world of play and imagination, and this classic book about blocks will delight readers young and old!


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