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Chicken Murphy Recipe


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Dec 14, 2023
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Chicken Murphy has its roots as a comforting, budget-friendly chicken dish made from humble ingredients, predominantly in the American South. This recipe elevates the simple baked chicken and rice combo into a saucy, flavorful meal that comes together with ease. The key is a rich, herb-flecked sour cream sauce that smothers bone-in chicken thighs and simmered rice. With its old-school vibes and family-friendly appeal, this unfussy one-pan meal promises to become a weeknight staple. History of Chicken Murphy Chicken Murphy is a classic baked chicken and rice dish that has its roots in budget-friendly family meals across America. With its simple preparation and affordable ingredients, Chicken Murphy became popular during the Great Depression and World War II eras as an easy way to stretch small amounts of meat into a hearty, comforting meal. While the exact origins are unknown, food historians trace chicken murphy back to the 1920s and 1930s in the South, Midwest and Northeast United States. This one-pot dish was likely created out of necessity, using meager ingredients like chicken, rice, onions and milk to create a satisfying meal for a family. The recipe was likely named after “Mr. Murphy”, a hypothetical father trying to feed his family […]

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