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Children’s Health Books for Young Readers!


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Dec 14, 2023
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These children’s health books are not only informative but fun, too! From germs to hygiene to anatomy, check out our list of favorites!

A collage of the covers of nine children's health books.

Entertain and enlighten with children’s health books​

Looking for captivating and educational reads that will not only keep your little ones engaged but give them important information about their health, too? Look no further! I love this selection of children’s health books as they are both entertaining and enlightening for preschoolers and young readers.

These picture books help little ones explore various aspects of health and well-being in imaginative and relatable ways. From good hygiene to exercise to mindfulness to the inner workings of our systems and skeletons, these books make learning about health fun!

Children’s health books impart important life lessons​

Why is it important to wash our hands? What do our skulls actually do, and why are they necessary to protect our brains? Why is mindful breathing so important for our mental health?

Kids have a lot of questions about how their bodies work, and these fantastic children’s health books give them the answers they need. They spark curiosity, foster knowledge and understanding, and they even impart valuable life lessons.

Check out our favorites below!

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Frequently asked questions​

Why is it important to read children’s health books?
Children’s health books are fabulous for young readers. These stories both entertain and educate on everything from personal hygiene to body systems and anatomy.

Do you have any other lists to complement these kids’ books about health?
Absolutely! Check out our list of children’s books about germs as well as our list of children’s anatomy books.

Are these children’s health books good for the Playing Preschool curriculum?
Yes! In fact, this list has been designed with Year 2 of Playing Preschool in mind. For all of our Playing Preschool book lists, click here! And to learn more about this fabulous program for preschool at home, click here.

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We love these children’s health books!​

The cover of Give Me Back My Bones, a fabulous children's health book.

Give Me Back My Bones!
By Kim Norman and Bob Kolar

A silly skeleton takes readers on an underwater scavenger hunt with one very important goal: he’s got to get his bones back! With humor, great rhythm, and fun illustrations, this one is a joy to read aloud and a perfect primer to begin teaching kids about anatomy in a creative and quirky way! Your little ones will be talking about mandibles and clavicles, femurs, and fibulas, and they won’t even realize how much they are learning. For more anatomy books for kids, click the link!


The cover of Human Body Learning Lab, a fantastic children's health book.

Human Body Learning Lab
By Dr. Betty Choi

For young readers who are eager to see how our bodies work and what they actually look like on the inside, this book absolutely rocks! Not only does it contain 3D models of our systems together with colorful diagrams of how these systems work, but it also offers hands-on activities and experiments to give kids a true multi-sensory learning experience. From constructing bones out of salt dough to learning how our muscles expand and contract through blow-up models, this book simultaneously educates and entertains, and it is not to be missed!


The cover of one of our favorite children's health books, What are Germs?

What are Germs?
By Katie Daynes

We simply love Usborne books, especially the Very First Questions and Answers series. This one answers all those questions your kids will certainly ask at one time or another, from what germs are to how they spread to how medicines help you get better. With interactive lift-the-flaps and great illustrations, this introduction to germs and hygiene will be a winner in homes and classrooms alike.


The cover of an educational children's health book called The Body Book.

The Body Book
By Hannah Alice

This book is the coolest! For any child who has ever wondered what’s going on inside our bodies, this is a fabulous nonfiction read that allows children to peek into the body with innovative see-through pages. The pages include labeled acetate diagrams of the muscular, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, and nervous systems, making it a wonderful look at human anatomy for young readers.


The cover of a cute children's health book for preschoolers called Germs Are Not For Sharing.

Germs are Not for Sharing
By Elizabeth Verdick and Marieka Heinlen

A perfect primer for your youngest children, this book shows children what to do when you AHHH-CHOOOO! From blowing your nose to blowing kisses when you’re sick, this book teaches children how to keep their germs to themselves. We love that it reminds children to sing their ABCs as they wash their hands! For more great kids’ books about germs, click the link!


The cover of a terrific children's health book called Skulls.

By Blair Thornburgh and Scott Campbell

Every single person has a head, and inside every single head, there is a skull. Though skulls may seem spooky to some kids, our skulls are not only functional but super important, too! Equal parts factual and humorous, this one will have your kids determined to take care of their skulls. After all, they do only get one!


The cover of a terrific children's health book called My Magic Breath.

My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing
By Nick Ortner, Alison Taylor, and Michelle Polizzi

This is such a unique interactive book that allows kids to learn how their breathing can steer away bad thoughts and bring in happy ones. It is an empowering story, one we love for the way it speaks so authentically to children and helps them recognize they have tremendous control over their emotional being. For more mindfulness books for kids, click the link!


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The cover of a great children's health book Do Not Lick This Book.

Do Not Lick This Book
By Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost

Min is a microbe and she is teeny-tiny. She’s so small, in fact, that you can’t see her without a microscope — unless, of course, you journey through this book and see what happens when Min lands on your shirt, your teeth, and even your belly button. This fun book gives a valuable lesson on how germs are spread, together with awesome photographs that allow you to see a closer look at the world through a germ’s “eyes.”


The cover of a hilarious children's health book Sick Simon.

Sick Simon
By Dan Krall

Sick Simon loves going to school with a cold! He thinks it’s great to sneeze and cough everywhere and find a way to touch anything and everything (sound familiar?!) Germs love him — but everyone else wants him to change his ways. It’s time for Sick Simon to learn that going to school when you’re sick isn’t always the best idea! This is a great book to teach kids how to stay healthy during cold and flu season, and how careless attitudes and habits can adversely affect those around us. Equal parts fun and totally gross, it’s sure to be a hit with your kiddos!


The cover of a fantastic children's health book called Breathe Like a Bear.

Breathe Like a Bear: 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere
By Kira Wiley and Anni Betts

I absolutely adore the exercises in this book! Breathe Like a Bear contains short breathing exercises that encourage kids to be present, and it includes imagery that is so accessible to children, such as blowing out candles and imagining they are sleepy lions just waking up from a long slumber. Best of all, due to their brevity, these are fabulous exercises for little ones with short attention spans and are easy to practice anytime, any place.


The cover of a cute children's health book for preschoolers called Wash Wash Wash.

Wash, Wash, Wash!
By Pamela Chanko and Alicia Padron

There’s nothing like a jingle to remind a child of important hygiene habits! Sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat, this is perfect for your youngest kids who may not understand why they need to wash their hands, but will nonetheless love scrubbing away when they have a fun song to sing as they do it!


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