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Christmas Isn’t Cancelled!


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Dec 14, 2023
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A Special Message Regarding Ladies Night 2021​

Alsip Home & Nursery will not be hosting our annual Ladies Night this year.
And while this event may be cancelled, we want you to know that Christmas isn't!


Dearest Customers,​

As we’re sure you have witnessed this year, many retailers have experienced shortages and longer than normal wait time on stock. Holiday goods, unfortunately, are not excluded from this occurrence. Due to these global freight circumstances beyond our control, Alsip Home & Nursery will not be hosting our annual Ladies Night event, typically hosted in early November. These drastic delays in our shipments do not leave us assured in having everything in time to prepare properly for this special event.

Upholding Our Standards to Bring You a Memorable Shopping Experience​

We pride ourselves on offering the Best Prices and Selection of the Season during our Ladies Night Holiday Extravaganza - and those who have joined us in previous years can attest to that. We value this notion and continuously aspire to uphold these standards to bring you a memorable shopping experience.

Plenty of Christmas Offerings to Go Around​

With that said, we are confident that we will have plenty of offerings and spectacular displays as always. We encourage you to browse early and often as new items will be arriving weekly in-store and online. Most importantly, keep an eye out for additional emails and social media posts, as we will be dropping special sales to come. Additionally, families will still have the opportunity to visit with Santa and participate in our Christmas Workshops, dates soon to come.

We appreciate your business, and as always thank you for choosing Alsip Home & Nursery.

View Our Online Christmas Shoppe

View Our Online Christmas Shoppe

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