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Clinical webinar series to focus on bathroom grading activities to maximise outcomes for users


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Dec 14, 2023
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Accessible toilet installer Closomat has launched its 2024 clinical webinar series called ‘Grading bathroom activities for age appropriate occupations’.

The one-hour webinar session aims to raise key points in the current psyche of the healthcare marketplace.

It will demonstrate the link between developmental stages and occupation as well as discuss what “age appropriate” means and its impact on recommendations. It will further explore the use of grading to maximise outcomes for clients.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 19 March at 4pm, Thursday 21 March at 11am, and Monday 15 April at 2pm. Interested attendees can book a place on the Closomat website.

Hosted by Closomat, the session will be delivered by a senior occupational therapist (OT) and AN associate at The OT Service, Emma Taylor. Emma, who has been a practising OT for over 30 years in both local authority and private practice, is an expert in the delivery of adaptations for children and young people that not only work for now but also for the future.

Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Closomat, said: “We thought 2022 was good but 2023 has been amazing in terms of visitor numbers to the webinars we’ve hosted.

“Our aim has been to cover topics that are of course relevant, but that fit within specific disciplines that OT’s work within, i.e. Paediatrics, Older People, Plus-size and Moving & Handling. This way our content can count towards CPD.

“Our new model of pre-promoting our webinars at the previous event, has been very successful, with people signing up literally months in advance. This clearly indicates that people like what we are delivering them, which is great!”

Wetroom manufacturer Impey recently announced 2024 dates for its free online ‘We Are Wetrooms’ training programme, which helps installers, retailers, plumbers, tilers, and merchant counter sales staff learn about the specification and installation of Impey’s wetroom solutions.

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