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Competition winner receives assistive tech bundle for her school


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Dec 14, 2023
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Aventido AT competition image

In a bid to foster creativity and awareness surrounding assistive technology (AT), Aventido recently hosted a nationwide competition inviting primary school children to design their own AT superhero.

Aventido described the response as “overwhelming”, with entries coming in from schools across England, showcasing the talent and imagination of young minds.

Eliza, a year six child from St Thomas Moore Catholic Primary School in Cheltenham, emerged as the winner of the ‘Design Your Own AT Superhero’ competition, impressing judges with her insightful understanding of the connection between AT and mental well-being.

Aventido’s COO Matt Dean recently visited St Thomas Moore Catholic Primary School to present Eliza with the prize she had won for her school, a bundle of essential AT for the classroom.

This bundle includes literacy support software ReadSpeaker TextAid, a ScanMarker Pro reading pen, noise-reducing earplugs from dBud, access to the British Sign Language learning app Bright BSL, and dictation software Nuance Dragon. The award aims to empower Eliza’s school with resources that facilitate inclusive learning environments for all students.

“Eliza’s exceptional entry underscores the importance of understanding the profound impact AT can have on mental health and overall inclusivity,” said Matt Dean, COO at Aventido. “We are dedicated to championing accessibility solutions that empower individuals like Eliza to thrive academically and later on in life, professionally.”

Aventido is a distributor in the assistive technology, offering services to its clients like distribution, marketing, and PR. Some of its clients include OrCam, TextAid, Olympus, and Wellbee.

Aventido supported the British Assistive Technology Association in the creation of a three-part docuseries that explores the “pivotal” role of assistive technology in education. The docuseries was born from the concern of the countless disabled children left underserved in the UK’s educational system.

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