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Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Health: How To and Why


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Dec 14, 2023
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Skin brushing is one of those old practices that is quickly becoming trendy yet again and for good reason. As we navigate a world where we are quite literally steeped in toxins thanks to air and water pollutants, chemicals in our foods, products and even our clothing (yes our clothes!), our skin is constantly being exposed to substances that can harm it and impact its functioning.

Our lymphatic system is one of the major detoxification systems in the body and keeping it well functioning and vital can go a long way to combat the constant exposure to toxins.

Brush and Jiggle!​

The lymphatic system, along with the cardiovascular system, help to move fluids throughout the entire body. The major difference between the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems is how they do this. The cardiovascular system has a pump, otherwise known as your heart, which helps to move blood to all the places it needs to go in the body.

The lymphatic system on the other hand lacks this pump mechanism which means it relies on physical movement to get the fluids moving. Movement like vigorous exercise, jumping and yes, jiggling can get that lymph moving.

Unfortunately with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, coupled with restrictive clothing and undergarments, our lymph could use some love.

What Else Can Dry Brushing Help With?​

Now I cannot make any guarantees, but there are lots of anecdotal stories that show that consistent and regular dry brushing can help with cellulite by breaking down fatty deposits under the skin. In addition to this, you will also experience the benefits of exfoliation including a better oil balance on the skin and improvements in skin texture.

The lymphatic system is also home to the vast majority of our white blood cells which are vital for a properly functioning immune system.

What You Need​

Ideally you will find a stiff natural bristle brush that is specific for drying brushing. If you plan on dry brushing tender areas like your face and breasts, I do recommend getting a separate one designed for that function as it will be much less irritating. Here are a few options for you.

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More Information and How to Dry Brush​

For more information on dry brushing including the techniques I use when I dry brush, check out my YouTube video below!

In good health,

Regular Readers/Watchers​

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