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Empress Of Embraces the Passion and Poignancy of Love on Club-Ready Fourth Album “For Your Consideration”


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Dec 14, 2023
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Empress Of searches for and ultimately synthesizes a purposeful revelry in the aftermath of romantic frustration on her fourth album For Your Consideration. Taking the helm for the first time on one of her projects as an executive producer, the collection overflows with hypnotic dance tracks and spellbinding sequin pop. You won’t want to miss out when she debuts the songs on tour this summer which will conclude at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on June 7th.

Empress Of opens the record with its title track “For Your Consideration,” which by dint of being the very first song she conceived, also bears the tender wounds of the heartbreak that also inspired it. Apart from a concussive drill of bass that fills the spaces between her breathy and piercing croons, the track is a sparsely grandiose bit of pop balladry. One that finds her bewildered by the indecision of a lover.

“I was in love with a director and he was announcing his ‘For Your Consideration’ campaign for the Oscars,” she explained. “He took me up on a hill and said he was emotionally unavailable and he kind of broke my heart. I went into the studio that day and we wrote a song called ‘For Your Consideration’ that reflects on glam and Hollywood. That was the gateway for the album and it gave me the opportunity to explore broader themes.”

Splitting her time as well between Miami and Montreal she immersed herself in a personal fantasia — both imagined and manifested from the locales she visited — seeking out the saturnalia that comes with being single. Delivering in the process a flood of club-minded bangers that enthrall and vivify. “Entra a mi mar / Mójate ya,” she urges on “Preciosa” alongside its subduing rhythmic thrum. “Ya tú verás / Que te enamoras.”

“What Type of Girl Am I” teases out the multiplicity of her sexual being with ecstatically unabashed temptation that’s mirrored in its intoxicating and liberating beats. Throbbing yearning courses through “Cura” as Empress Of comes clean about the pleasures of diversion that encompasses one of the record’s overarching themes: “Tears won’t do it for tonight / Looking for someone to ride / Be a distraction put me in overdrive / Need an obsession but just for the night.”

“Fácil,” like the enchanting “Kiss Me” (feat. Rina Sawayama) with its glittery synths and pleas for physical intimacy, communicates an urgent need to be touched. Unlike the shimming pop piece that precedes it, the track hammers out its emphatic compulsions synced to an insatiable percussiveness, with Empress Of still weaving lucid introspections between her torrid catharsis. “I’m easy,” she sings.” Easy to love / Easy to break / Easy to touch.”

Both “Femenine” and “Baby Boy” outline her ideal Latin man while also coyly toying with gender roles. “Estoy loca en este party,” she entices in the former before asserting, “Sabes que yo soy tu daddy.” While the former unfolds as a seductive instruction — “You’re just what I’ve been missing / I’m down for your submission / Strong hands and bad decisions” — that swoons to the tune of its blissful melody.

For all its lavish passion For Your Consideration culminates in a poignant rhetorical inquiry into love itself. As she sings on the luxuriantly dreamy closing track “What’s Love” (feat. MUNA): “If a love can’t make you / Break you / Shape you / Then what’s love?” Appearing on its cover in a fit of awe and ecstasy — straddling an artificial glowing star as it soars over the blinking sprawl of the Southland — Empress Of embraces the hedonistic glam and meteoric tempo of the city below. With an elegant splendor, she uses the sensual and vigorous energy it emanates to propel herself from heartache toward a vital acceptance of love’s fickle glimmers.

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For Your Consideration is out now on all streaming platforms.

See Empress Of at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday, June 7th.

Visit Empress Of on her website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to For Your Consideration the new album from Empress Of below!

Empress Of Tour

3/28 – Los Angeles, CA @ Amoeba
5/18 – Mexico City, MX @ Tecate Emblema Festival
5/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Zone One
5/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Zone One
5/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Zone One
5/30 – Toronto, Canada @ The Drake
5/31 – Toronto, Canada @ The Drake
6/1 – Toronto, Canada @ The Drake
6/7 – Los Angeles, CA @ The El Rey

Empress Of album cover

Empress Of
For Your Consideration

Major Arcana / Giant Music
March 22, 2024

1. For Your Consideration
2. Lorelei
3. Preciosa
4. Kiss Me (feat. Rina Sawayama)
5. Femenine
6. What Type of Girl Am I
7. Cura
8. Fácil
9. Sucia
10. Baby Boy
11. What’s Love (feat. MUNA)

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