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Eric Clapton Announces Three-Night Tour in California — Here’s How To Get Presale Code Tickets


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Dec 14, 2023
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Eric Clapton is showing the Golden State some love this fall with a trio of special concerts that will bring him to three major Californian venues. Fans can get tickets to the shows via a general onsale this Friday, April 5th at 10am local time. We highly recommend you try to join the handful of presales taking place a day earlier on Thursday, April 4th at 10am local time. Head below to find out the Eric Clapton presale code and how to get tickets!


The tour begins with an opening night performance at Pechanga Arena in San Diego followed by an appearance at Acrisure Arena in Palm Desert. From there he will head to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles for the final show of the tour.


Next month Clapton will disembark on an international tour that will take him to Europe and Mexico. When that tour eventually wraps he will head to sunny Southern California to presumably end the year with those three concerts. All three concerts will feature support from Jimmie Vaughan who will open for the iconic guitarist and performer.

When Do Eric Clapton Tickets Go On Sale?

Tickets for Eric Clapton go on sale to the general public on Friday, April 5th at 10am local time.

A promoter presale starts Thursday, April 4th at 10am local time.

The Live Nation-Hewitt Silva presale begins Thursday, April 4th at 10am local time.

What Is The Eric Clapton presale code?

Fans can get presale tickets for Eric Clapton through the below presales. If you happen to see Official Platinum tickets available for your preferred tour date remember that you don’t need a presale code to purchase them — just deep pockets. Find out more about Official Platinum tickets below!

Promoter Presale

A Live Nation presale starts on Thursday, April 4th at 10am local time. To participate in the promoter presale choose an Eric Clapton tour date and then use the promoter presale code when prompted: RIFF.

LNHS Presale

The Live Nation-Hewitt Silva presale begins on Thursday, April 4th at 10am local time. Fans in Los Angeles who plan on seeing Eric Clapton at the Hollywood Bowl can join the presale by entering the presale code: LNHS.


What Are Those Official Platinum Tickets?

If you’re seeing very expensive tickets that are not VIP, those are official platinum tickets. These tickets are very expensive and are offered well over the standard ticket prices. They’re the kind of ticket pricing that is unfair to fans. The Event Organizer(s) has priced these tickets according to their market value (aka dynamic pricing). In other words, ticket pricing can go up or down, and it usually goes up.

Artists can choose not to offer Official Platinum or limit the amount for charity purposes. The Cure, Pearl Jam and U2 have all been recognized as artists that don’t use these dynamic pricing tactics.

Official platinum tickets do not include VIP packages. The only positive thing about them is they make buying floor or front-row tickets to a high-demand concert very easy if you’re willing to shed the extra coin. They can be bought during a presale without a presale code (doesn’t always apply to Verified Fan). Availability and pricing for official platinum tickets are subject to change based on demand.

If money is not an object, you should definitely bank on the convenience of getting Official Platinum tickets.

Pro Tips When Buying Your Tickets

First, on the day of the presale or general onsale (whichever you prefer), login to your Ticketmaster account (go to my account or sign in located on the upper right corner of the page) at least 15 minutes ahead of the sale time. If you don’t have one, create one now.

Be sure to add your billing info (aka credit card info) before jumping into the digital queue for a quick check-out. Once the presale starts, remain in the digital queue. Only use one browser window because using multiple browsers or devices and multiple accounts with the same phone number can result in errors. Trust, it’s happened to us before! Don’t refresh your page, do be patient, don’t leave your page, do get those tickets!

What To Do If Tickets Are Sold Out?

If tickets sell out, your other option is to buy them via online resellers like VividSeats or StubHub. When all else fails, we prefer these resell options because both offer a 100% Guarantee. You can also purchase resell tickets through Ticketmaster’s resell program. Just search for the concert or event you want to attend, and see if they have any resell tickets available. We recommend you compare the three options and find out which works best for you.

Alternatively, you can hit it old school style and show up at the concert when the box office opens and wish upon a star that they release more tickets, or hopefully, another concert-goer has an extra ticket to sell at face-value or even giveaway for free. Trust, this happens more often than not! We’ve given away many tickets to sold-out shows simply because our +1 couldn’t make it.

Also, more standard tickets are often released via Ticketmaster 1-3 days leading up to the show date. We’ve seen it with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys and many more! It’s a secret gatekeeped by many, but if you’re reading this, now you know! So be sure to set your calendar notifications!

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Eric Clapton

Where Is Eric Clapton Touring In 2024?

Eric Clapton will perform a special trio of concerts across California this fall.

October 8 – San Diego, CA – Pechanga Arena

October 10 – Palm Desert, CA – Acrisure Arena

October 12 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl

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