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How Do You Find Your VIN Number?


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Dec 14, 2023
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A vehicle identification number is typically displayed in a car or truck at one or more locations. The VIN is a unique identifier with a built-in verification code for checking authenticity. Each character in this code indicates the make, model or specifications of a vehicle. A VIN is helpful for finding the right parts for a vehicle or checking recall status. It can be helpful to have this code deciphered at an auto parts store that offers VIN lookup free. Learn more about where to find this number and learn more about a vehicle.

Look In the Vehicle

On late-model vehicles, a 17-character alphanumeric VIN is often displayed where the dashboard and windshield meet on the driver’s side of the vehicle. If this number is not there, open the driver’s side door and check the post where the door latches when closed.

You may also be able to find VIN digits under the hood at the front of the engine block. Some older models display the VIN on the front end of the frame. If you cannot find the VIN in any of these locations, look for ownership or registration records that may include this number.

Check Relevant Documents

Motor vehicle registration departments and insurers rely on VINs to maintain records and prevent theft. The unique identifying number of a vehicle often appears on the vehicle title and in insurance information. These methods can be helpful if you cannot locate the VIN in a vehicle or if the vehicle you need to look up is unavailable.

A VIN must be verified to be legitimate. This check is performed with the number itself through transliteration and weighted digits. A vehicle with a cloned VIN may be stolen, and this background may not be available until the car or truck is taken in to a dealer for service. No matter how you find the VIN, this number can be helpful for identifying the make, model and specifications such as the engine size and type.

Get a VIN Lookup

Automotive experts can locate a VIN in a vehicle. In addition to finding the 17-character code, looking up this number is helpful for obtaining important details about a particular model or submodel. VINs are used in recalls to determine which vehicles require safety modifications, as each character in a VIN corresponds to a specific detail about the make, model or build.

The first three characters identify where the vehicle was built and the manufacturer. The brand, engine size and type are specified in the fourth and eighth characters. The ninth character is a check digit used for authentication. The tenth character corresponds to the model year, while the eleventh identifies the assembly plant. The last six characters are the vehicle serial number.

In addition to verifying the authenticity of the VIN, this number provides important details about the build of a vehicle. A VIN lookup can be an easy way to determine whether a particular make and model of car or truck has been recalled or to find replacement parts that fit.

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