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Dec 14, 2023
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KID CHRISTMAS of the CLAUS BROTHERS TOY SHOP is a heartwarming story of kindness and generosity sprinkled with a big dose of magic and festive cheer.

The Story: Nicky’s uncles are the best toymakers in the land and when Nicky is old enough he starts work at their toy store. But when Nicky meets a group of orphans who have no toys he comes up with a plan to ensure that all children receive a toy on Christmas Eve. Chimney chaos and a lack of carrots threaten his deliveries until, with the help of his new friends, he ensures that a new Christmas tradition is born…

Uncle Louis, Uncle Hans and Uncle Levi work in a hidden room at the back of the store. They infuse magic into their toymaking to ensure that each toy finds its way to the perfect child. We love the way that they support Nicky, a determined, proactive hero, in his attempt to deliver a toy to every child in the city. Nicky’s generosity and kindness is repaid by his new friends in an innovative way which ensures that everybody is touched by the magic of the Christmas season.

We are huge fans of David Litchfield’s illustrations which are overflowing with festive details. His night time scenes are beautifully atmospheric and we love the use of speech bubbles to convey dialogue.




Kid Christmas is a wonderful story to read in the run up to the festive season. It beautifully conveys the message that Christmas is a season of giving and the importance of considering others that are less fortunate than us. It would make a wonderful addition to a book tree Advent Calendar.

Age Range: 3+

Author / Illustrator: David Litchfield

Thank you to Quarto and Netgalley for a review copy of this wonderful festive read.

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