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Little Mole Gives Thanks by Glenys Nellist & Sally Garland


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Dec 14, 2023
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Little Mole Gives Thanks is the beautifully illustrated, heartwarming story of Little Mole’s fancy feast. The perfect story to read at Thanksgiving, it celebrates friendship and the love shared between family and friends over a thoughtfully prepared meal.

The Story: Little Mole has prepared a fancy forest feast and is expecting three very special guests. Little Lark, Little Squirrel and Little Mouse ask him who the seats are reserved for but Little Mole tells them to wait and see. One by one the important guests come to Little Mole and cancel. Who will sit in his three seats now?

Little Mole is really excited but his excitement wanes as Principal Porcupine, Firefighter Fox and Mayor Moose all cancel with various excuses (we’re not convinced that Firefighter Fox has a good excuse for missing the feast!). They’re going to miss a delicious spread which Little Mole has prepared with Mama and includes acorn stew, strawberry sauce and pumpkin pudding. But Little Mole’s friends are quick to offer comfort which leads him to realise exactly who is important in his life.

We absolutely adore Sally Garland’s colourful, whimsical illustrations which include a variety of woodland birds and animals – they all have such amazing expressions that realistically convey a range of expressions including happiness, joy, disappointment and love.


Little Mole Gives Thanks is an adorable story to read at any time of year, not just Thanksgiving. It’s a great book to use in the classroom to introduce woodland animals as well as to stimulate discussion about friendship and food. At the end of the book there are suggestions as to how children can celebrate their own fancy feast and there’s a really fun activity pack to download on the Beaming Books website which includes invitation templates, menu suggestions, colouring pages and puzzles.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Glenys Nellist / Illustrator: Sally Garland

Thank you to Suzy Senior for sending a review copy of this gorgeous book. We’re looking forward to reading more of the Little Mole stories

Little Mole Gives Thanks - reservations - Story Snug

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