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New dyslexic-friendly computer monitor unveiled at CES 2024


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Dec 14, 2023
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Lili Monitor image

French startup Lili for Life is showcasing its new monitor, the Lili Monitor, at CES 2024, which is designed to make computer work easier for people with dyslexia. The firm states that it is the “first dyslexic-friendly computer monitor”.

Taking place annually and organised by organised by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest global stages for companies to showcase their latest and greatest technology innovations.

The show covers a wide variety of sectors including automotive, robotics, gaming, wearables, sports technology, and accessibility. It is also a chance to discover some of the latest assistive technology advancements.

CES 2024 takes place on 9-12 January in Las Vegas, USA. Lili for Life is exhibiting at Eureka Park on Stand 60 413-8.

The new Lili Monitor integrates Lili’s signature pulsed light technology, which provides enhanced reading comfort and reduced fatigue for dyslexic individuals. The pulsed light technology in this new screen claims to improve usability, whether for reading emails, learning, or entertainment.

According to the firm, the monitor is easy to set up, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

In addition, Lili’s app, available on iOS and Android, allows easy control of the products from a smartphone to adjust the light signal for visual comfort.

The Lili for Life technology is the brainchild of two French physicists, Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars. Honoured by France’s National Academy of Medicine in 2020, they discovered that dyslexic individuals possess two dominant eyes, unlike people without dyslexia. This causes an overlap of images in their brain during reading, the firm says.

Lili for Life has developed a technological device that emits light flashes invisible to the naked eye, thus correcting this overlapping effect—so-called “mirror” images. These flashes create a temporal shift in the visual perception of letters, eliminating these duplicated images. Reading becomes smoother, faster, and less tiring, permitting improved text comprehension, according to the firm.

Bertrand Descours, CEO of Lili for Life, commented: “CES aims to demonstrate how technology can improve our daily lives, sharing the vision for our products. The Lili Monitor represents a valuable step forward in technological innovation for our well-being, be it at home, at school, or at work.”

The Lili Monitor will be available for pre-order. Lili for Life’s products are available in the UK via distributors Douglas Stewart and Softline.

OrCam Technologies is showcasing its assistive hearing technology at CES 2024.

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