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Our Favorite Children’s Books About Balls


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Dec 14, 2023
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Children’s books about balls complement many preschool lessons and studies. Not only that, they also delight kids with pure fun! Check out our favorites!

The covers of nine terrific children's books about balls.

Children’s books about balls mesmerize preschoolers!​

They bounce. They roll. They soar through the air!

Balls bring lots of fun to children’s lives, and they present a fascinating topic of conversation, too. Young readers conduct ball studies in class, and the children’s books about balls on this list are a perfect complement to their learning!

Many preschool activities are complemented by learning about balls. Balls can be utilized to teach children about shapes and things that are round. Balls are perfect for teaching children about gravity and how things roll. Finally, balls can be used to teach size and weight discrimination, and they can even be incorporated into lessons about cultures around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some of these fabulous children’s books about balls, and have fun watching your kids delight in these darling stories.

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Frequently asked questions​

What is your favorite kids’ book about balls?
I will forever love Duck and Goose, by Tad Hills, featured below. Not only is it equal parts charming and hilarious, but children love the fact that they are “in the know” and understand what is happening in the story before the main characters, Duck and Goose. This one is an absolute winner!

Can you recommend books about sports?
Absolutely! Check out a list of our favorite children’s books about sports, right here!

Are these children’s books about balls good for the Playing Preschool curriculum?
Yes! In fact, this list has been designed with Year 2 of Playing Preschool in mind. For all of our Playing Preschool book lists, click here! And to learn more about this fabulous program for preschool at home, click here.

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We love these children’s books about balls!​

The cover of Duck & Goose, our favorite children's book about balls.

Duck and Goose
By Tad Hills

Two young birds come across a polka dot ball, and they immediately mistake it for an egg. They both lay claim to it, and then, of course, they fight to take care of it. Ultimately, the birds end up climbing on top of their “egg” and begin to bond over how they will care for the baby inside. When a bluebird lets them know that the egg isn’t actually an egg at all but a ball instead, it is clear that duck and goose have created quite a strong bond. Though they abandon their mission, they don’t abandon each other. This is the most adorable preschool book about friendship!


The cover of Bounce, an adorable children's book about balls.

By Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin

If you have a little one who loves to bounce, move and play, they will adore this darling children’s books about balls that encourages kids to bounce balls off their fingers and toes, and even their nose! With engaging rhythm and energy, the adorable illustrations and amusing challenges will leave your children giggling and eager to get moving!


The cover of Watch Me Throw the Ball, a hilarious children's book about balls.

Watch Me Throw the Ball
By Mo Willems

What happens when Piggie and Gerald’s personalities clash? Gerald is super careful, and Piggie is always looking for a good time. So when Gerald wants to teach Piggie how to throw a ball, Gerald takes the task very seriously. Piggie though? He just wants to have serious fun! Elephant and Piggie never fail to delight kids, and this book is a winner! For more books we love by Mo Willems, check out this list!


The cover of A Ball for Daisy, a darling children's book about balls.

A Ball For Daisy
By Chris Raschka

If you have a child that loves books about dogs, you will adore this Caldecott winning, wordless picture book! All kids know what it is like to love and lose a precious toy, so they will definitely relate to what happens when Daisy’s precious ball is destroyed by a bigger dog. We love the way this sweet story helps children cope with the loss of something special.


The cover of Ball, a cute children's book about balls.

By Mary Sullivan

Have you ever wondered what a dog is thinking about when he is playing nonstop with a particular toy? This hilarious book shows what happens when a dog can find no one to play with and is forced to go it alone – with his favorite ball, of course! His one-sided game of fetch will have kids in stitches, and you will delight in his dream sequence, too, wondering if your own pups are having the very same thoughts while he sleeps. Exuberant, charming, and absolutely adorable, this children’s book about balls stands the test of time!


The cover of The Ball Book, an informative and fabulous children's book about balls.

The Ball Book: Footballs, Meatballs, Eyeballs & More Balls!
By Joshua David Stein and Marcus Oakley

If you can roll it, chances are it will be included in this fabulous children’s book about balls! From meatballs to footballs, beach balls to baseballs, prepare for the unexpected in this fun exploration of balls. Yes, even eyeballs are included in this delightful read!


The cover of Yellow Ball, a classic children's book about balls.

Yellow Ball
By Molly Bang

What happens when a yellow ball ends up in the water, after being forgotten by its owners? It floats and travels, of course, tossed by the waves and caught up in a storm. In only 28 words, this is the ball’s story, telling the tale of what happens when a ball is left at the edge of the ocean and safely washes up on a new shore – and into the hands of a new friend.


The cover of Round Like a Ball!, a children's book about balls.

Round Like a Ball
By Lisa Campbell Ernst

What kind of ball do you think you’ll see? A pearl? A meat ball? A basketball? With each turn of the die-cut pages, the ball gets bigger and bigger, and the guessing game continues as children’s try to figure out what in the world this round object could be. Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it made up of every color? This is a lovely book conveying an earth-friendly message, and it is a great way to discuss how to save and protect our planet, too!


The cover of Love is a Ball, a lovely children's book about balls.

Love is a Ball
By Amy Novesky and Sara Gillingham

If you love books about love, and if your kids love balls, this is the perfect book for your family! From beach balls to gum balls, balls big to balls small, this ode to balls is a sweet and tender story that will teach your littles about love and tenderness, too.


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The cover of The Field, an awesome children's book about balls.

The Field
By Baptiste Paul and Jacqueline Alcantara

A group of children assemble on a field and get ready for a game of soccer. They have their bol (ball), soulye (shoes) and goal (goal), and just like that, they are off! Paul weaves Creole words into the narrative, and the story simply buzzes with energy, from the vibrant illustrations to the fast-paced game, reminding us that we can weather all challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. If your athletes love children’s books about sports, they will adore this one!


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