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Purrrfect Children’s Books About Cats!


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Dec 14, 2023
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These children’s books about cats are absolutely purrrfect! If you have a little one that loves darling little kittens, don’t miss this awesome list of cat-themed picture books. Check them out!

The covers of 9 wonderful children's books about cats.

These children’s books about cats are purrfect!​

Here, kitty kitty! If you have a young cat-lover at home, your little one will love nothing more than settling in with one of these darling children’s books about cats before bedtime. Whether purring and perfect or up to no good, the kitties in these stories are absolutely delightful!

Children’s books about cats captivate kids!​

The children’s books about cats on our list below are about lovable – and sometimes naughty – little kittens and big cats. No matter which books you choose, they are sure to impart something important to your children. From skill-building concepts to perspective to emotional intelligence to lessons in kindness, these are the cat books we have fallen head over heels for.

We hope these children’s books about cats make storytime at your house as special as they do at ours. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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Frequently asked questions​

What classic children’s books are about cats?
Pete the Cat, of course! Our favorite Pete the Cat story will forever be I Love My White Shoes for the way it teaches children to stay cool, no matter what tough circumstances they may have stepped in!

What is your favorite children’s book about cats?
I absolutely love They All Saw a Cat, by Brendan Wenzel. It is a fabulous book about perspective, and it opens up young readers’ eyes to the notion that each and every one of us may view the same object (or animal!) in very different ways. I also adore Atticus Catticus, by Sarah Maizes and Kara Kramer, because it is a fabulous and fun read-aloud!

We love cats, but we love other pets, too! Do you have other relevant book lists?
Of course! Check out our favorite children’s books about dogs and children’s books about pets, here!

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Our very favorite children’s books about cats!​

The cover of They All Saw a Cat, one of our favorite children's books about cats.

They All Saw a Cat
By Brendan Wenzel

This fabulous book teaches point of view to children and is a wonderful story about the sense of sight. As a cat walks through his day, he comes across various animals and is perceived in astonishingly different ways, from predator to huggable house pet. Some view the cat in color, others in black and white, some from up above, and some from down below. This book offers a phenomenal segue for discussing observation and for teaching perspective with young children, and it helps them understand that we all have unique relationships with every person (or animal!) we come across.


The cover of Atticus Caticus, one of our favorite children's books about cats.

Atticus Caticus
By Sarah Maizes and illustrated by Kara Kramer

This fun rhyming read-aloud follows a young boy’s cat during the course of the day. No matter whether the cat is lounging, stretching, or sharpening his nails on a chair, this infectious read-aloud will have kids bopping to the rhythmic text as they delight in the story and the vibrant illustrations that purr with fabulous energy. A perfect book for 3-year-olds!


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The cover of Stack the Cats, a fabulous children's book about cats.

Stack the Cats
By Susie Ghahremani

This is such an adorable counting book that has kids counting from one to ten while also introducing other mathematical concepts. Toddlers will be in awe of the cute kittens, and parents will enjoy helping their kids think beyond counting by introducing simple addition and subtraction, too. So clever and a total gem!


The cover of Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, a classic children's book about cats.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
By James Dean and Eric Litwin

Pete the Cat goes walking down the street in his brand-new white shoes. As he prances around, he steps into various messes, each of which dirty his sneakers. His shoes turn from white to red to blue to brown, but all the while Pete maintains a great attitude and keeps on grooving. With its vibrant illustrations and witty text, this delightful story teaches kids to take accidents in stride. After all, as Pete the Cat teaches, life may not always go according to plan, but not to worry: it’s all good.


The cover of Up Cat Down Cat, a wonderful children's book about cats and opposites.

Up Cat Down Cat
By Steve Light

In this beautiful opposite book about two cats, one cat is long and one is short. One has a straight tail, whereas the other cat’s tail is curly. When a mouse comes along, they all play a game of lost and found! When day turns to night, one cat lies awake and the other is asleep. This book is a beauty, and it is perfect for your youngest readers!


The cover of Everybody Says Meow, a hilarious children's book about cats.

Everybody Says Meow
By Constance Lombardo

What happens when a silly group of animals can’t follow simple instructions? After all, they are told to all say meow, but some are barking, and some are even ribbiting like frogs! Despite having sparse text and simple backgrounds, mischief abounds in this read-aloud gem. Your young readers will join in with the various animal noises, and the silly finale will leave them begging for more!


The cover of The Cat and the Rat and the Hat, a fabulous children's book about cats.

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat
By Em Lynas and illustrated by Matt Hunt

This book is such a delight, and such fun, too! We love reading this aloud because it undoubtedly has kids erupt into giggle fits each and every time. This is the story of a cat sitting on a mat when a rat arrives wearing a very nice hat. Need I say more? Between the silly text and the hilarious pictures, it’s sure to be a hit. It will go over especially well with kids learning the “at” family of sounds, too. This is such a fun rhyming book for young readers!


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The cover of Bulldozer Helps Out, a sweet children's book about cats.

Bulldozer Helps Out
By Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

The construction site is bustling with all of the vehicles hard at work! Different trucks are stirring and scooping and mixing. But where does Little Bulldozer fit in if he is too small to help? Luckily, he finally gets a task. But can he take care of a bundle of baby kittens? That may just be the hardest job there is!


The cover of Kitten's First Full Moon, an award-winning children's book about cats.

Kitten’s First Full Moon
By Kevin Henkes

In this classic Caldecott award winner, a kitten sees her first full moon! Except, she doesn’t know it’s a moon and thinks it’s a big bowl of milk in the sky – a bowl she is desperate to get her paws on! This sweet book describes what happens when a young kitten goes on an adventure but ends up finding what she longs for right in her own home. A darling story, especially for your youngest readers. Kevin Henkes can do no wrong, and this children’s book about cats is simply darling!


The cover of Inside Cat, a delightful children's book about cats.

Inside Cat
By Brendan Wenzel

Life might seem dull when you’re an inside cat, but it’s far from it! From room to room and place to place, the cat makes delightful discoveries as he wanders, wonders, gazes, and gapes from room to room. Inside cat learns everything about his home and the outside world, and he thinks he knows it all! But what happens when the inside cat actually goes — gulp! — outside?! A whole new world awaits, of course. We love the way this darling book inspires observation, invites curiosity, and ignites the imagination!


The cover of Max the Brave, a fabulous children's book about cats and courage.

Max the Brave
By Ed Vere

Max is brave! He’s got courage! And he loves chasing mice. There’s just one problem: What exactly does a mouse look like? Kids will love being able to distinguish between mouse and monster before Max can, and they will roar with laughter when the monster swallows poor little Max and then sneezes him out! This delightful children’s book about cats is such a fun read, and it is also a great story to talk about what it means to be courageous with your little ones.


The cover of Cat Problems, a witty and fun children's book about cats.

Cat Problems
By Jory John

One small kitten leads a big, pampered life at home. But things aren’t always as good as they seem. After all, the kitty’s favorite sunspot to lie in won’t stay still. His food is too dry, the vacuum is too loud, and that squirrel outside is way too scary! Will the cat ever realize how lucky he is to be cared for and loved on the inside? We love the darling Animal Problem series, and this installment is a blast!


The cover of What Will Fat Cat Sit On?, a darling children's book about cats.

What Will Fat Cat Sit On?
By Jan Thomas

In this funny story, Fat Cat is looking for a seat — and all of the animals in this silly story are hoping Fat Cat won’t sit on them! With each animal hoping he is not the victim, they have got to find something else for Fat Cat to sit on. Will a chair suffice? And once Fat Cat finds a cozy spot to sit, what will he do for lunch? This one is so much fun and one of our favorite books for kindergarteners who are beginning to learn how to read!


The cover of Ketzel the Cat Who Composed, a fabulous children's book about cats inspired by a true story.

Ketzel the Cat Who Composed
By Leslea Newman and Amy June Bates

Inspired by a true story, this sweet book tells the tale of a friendship between Moshe Cotel, a composer, and a tiny kitten called Ketzel. When Cotel was out for a walk one day, he discovered the small kitten and brought him home. Cotel hoped they would make sweet music together, but when he had to create a 60-second composition for a major contest, he was stuck! Suddenly, Ketzel crept across the keys, and with his soft footsteps, music was made. Cotel quickly wrote down the music Ketzel made with his paws, created a composition, and won an honorable mention in the contest. Ketzel truly did become a composer!


The cover of Lost and Found Cat, a true children's book about cats.

Lost and Found Cat
By Doug Kuntz, Amy Shrodes, and Sue Cornelison

An Iraqi family is forced to flee from their home, and they carry their beloved cat, Kunkush, hidden among them as they seek refuge in Greece. Yet, during a boat ride to Greece, the cat’s carrier breaks, and Kunkush disappears. Thereafter, aid workers in Greece discover the frightened cat, and knowing how much his family must have already lost, the workers want nothing more than to reunite the cat with his owners. A worldwide rescue mission ensues, until one day, finally, Kunkush and his family meet again. This is a beautiful story of kindness!


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