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Remembering Sundays with Grandpa by Lauren Kerstein & Nanette Regan


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Dec 14, 2023
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Remembering Sundays with Grandpa is a heartwarming story about bereavement. Sensitively written, it can help a child work through their grief after the loss of a grandparent or another special person.

The Story: Sundays aren’t the same since Henry’s Grandpa died, they used to spend every Sunday together. Henry is sad that Grandpa has gone but with Mom’s help he realises that he can still experience Grandpa’s love by recreating special memories.

Mom tells Henry that Grandpa’s body was fragile but his love will live on forever. As Henry’s Sunday with Mom unfolds they remember the funny voices that Grandpa used to do when he read stories, the cucumbers that gave him hiccups and the funny faces he made. And baking cookies helps Henry create a new Sunday tradition that keeps his memories of Grandpa alive.

Nanette Regan’s gorgeous, pastel coloured illustrations are oozing with love and empathy as Mom helps Henry come to terms with their new family situation. A rocking chair, a music box and simple experiences that are familiar to many children help Henry start to come to terms with life without Grandpa.




Remembering Sundays with Grandpa is a wonderful book to stimulate discussions about loved ones who are no longer with us and the memories that we have of them. Talking about loss and grief can be hard but this gentle, heartwarming story can be used in a one to one situation or in a classroom to help children who are working through their emotions after a bereavement.

Age Range: 3+

Author: Lauren Kerstein / Illustrator: Nanette Regan

Thank you to Suzy Senior for sending a review copy of this beautifully reassuring picture book.

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