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Rico Nasty and Boys Noize Will Ring in Your Ear for Days on New Techno-Clash Single “Arintintin” — Announce New EP “HARDC0RE DR3AMZ”


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Dec 14, 2023
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From what seems like two opposite ends of music, rapper Rico Nasty and electronic producer Boys Noize are formally coming together through a hip-hop/techno matrimony of epic Y2K proportions, starting with their latest single, “Arintintin.” After working on songs such as “Girl Crush” and “Money” featuring Flo Milli, the two are readying for an equally electrifying EP titled HARDC0RE DR3AMZ, out March 29.

Within the past few years, Rico has stepped outside the punk-driven hip-hop tracks that defined her SoundCloud days and pushed the envelope for what’s expected of a rapper, working with everyone from 100gecs’ Dylan Brady to The Drums. As for Alex Ridha, the DJ behind Boys Noize, he’s long been a fixture in electronic music for nearly two decades, producing hard-hitting techno bangers for a kaleidoscope of artists.

On “Arintintin,” the combination of Rico’s self-assured brags and Boys Noize’s even-tempered techno gloss rising in BPM intensity make for a logical bridge between two sides of music that ought to cross over more often if this is the result. Old school club kids will immediately connect the track with Magic Carpet Ride,” a song by British duo Mighty Dub Katz. The iconic house track features a woman in a high-pitched voice singing in the background and on repeat, “aringkingking.”

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Rico Nasty sounds right at home with the bouncy indie sleaze trademarks first heard on Boys Noize’s 2007 debut, Oi Oi Oi, to staggering results. The repetition of “arintintin” and distortion on Rico’s part perfectly match the recoiling beat booming in multiple directions all at once. At times, the dance grooves get tossed out of the club for heavy electronic artillery in the form of buzzing synthesizers, which never catch Rico off guard in the slightest as she dominates throughout.

While Rico Nasty and Boys Noize are no strangers to one another, having collaborated on several released and unreleased songs since 2018, “Arintintin” is their concoction perfected. In their first year of working together, they wouldn’t meet in person for another year, with their next collaboration coming a few more years later. But with “Arintintin” and the rest of HARDC0RE DR3AMZ, the two came together once again for a series of lightning-in-a-bottle recording sessions.

“Little by little over a few days, we ended up making three more songs that we really loved and decided we wanted to share with the world,” said Rico. “Every session was so much fun and I’m sure that energy is felt across all of these tracks.”

Words: David Sosa

“Arintintin” by Rico Nasty and Boys Noize is out on streaming services. For more on HARDC0RE DR3AMZ and potential shows, follow Rico Nasty and Boys Noize on their Instagram accounts.

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