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Roommate Compatibility Wheel: Find Your Perfect Roommate


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Dec 14, 2023
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Bad roommate compatibility can quickly ruin a great apartment and location.

If you're dreading the commute home and seeing dirty plates all over the kitchen, thanks to a messy bunkmate, it can affect your stress levels.

A study done at Dartmouth College found that GPA and overall wellness of freshmen students can suffer due to lousy roommate compatibility.

Home is a sanctuary for many after a busy day. No one wants to go home and fight with their annoying roommate about unpaid bills. Finding the right match for you can be difficult when you're taking into account different personalities, lifestyles, pet peeves and conflict approaches.

What kind of roommate are you?​

roommate wheel

Maybe you need someone who provides stability or organization to complement your great cooking and social skills. Or perhaps someone with a design eye to pair to appreciate your love of trends.

Find the right roommate compatibility for you with this roommate compatibility wheel. You'll see who you pair best with (the one right across from you on the wheel) before you sign a roommate agreement and move in together.

1. The Tastemaker​

The tastemaker

As the tastemaker, you're into the finer things in life — you know all the best restaurants around town and follow all of the right food influencers on Instagram. You have strong opinions about home-cooked meals and quality homewares to buy.

Avoid pairing up with a sidekick, who rarely takes a firm stance on anything. They'll have trouble keeping up with your opinions, and frankly, you'll get annoyed with their go-with-the-flow attitude.

You'll thrive with an early adopter roommate since they're always looking for the next best thing. They love trying new foods, gadgets and ways to optimize their routine. Your personalities certainly complement each other.

2. The Romantic​

The Romantic

You're passionate about relationships — often in and out of them and completely enveloped in each significant other. You love hard and crash hard each time. But you're also sensitive to others' feelings and provide emotional fuel.

Your best roommate compatibility comes from the helper and their listening ear. The helper can keep up with your ups and downs as a romantic, comfort and console you every time your heart breaks and provide a balance to the roommate relationship.

Stay away from a roommate with fixer qualities. They can come off as too cold since they're not emotionally motivated.

3. The Comedian​

The Comedian

The comedian always makes everyone at the party laugh. A real social person, the comedian is always on, entertaining the masses and being the center of attention. The best match for them is the bookworm.

The comedian will help push the bookworm out of the house and create a balanced social life for both of them. The bookworm loves to listen to their jokes and hang around them at parties. Just be sure to speak up when the entertaining gets to be too much.

Don't sign a lease with the artist since you'll compete for attention, and that can lead to multiple arguments.

4. The Social Butterfly​

The Social Butterfly

Everyone knows the social butterfly, and their parties are often legendary. Always out late, the social butterfly always keeps up with their social media and brings home friends (strangers or not).

If you're looking to keep up with your social lifestyle, look for someone with the sidekick qualities. They're always up for something, won't steal the attention from you and are OK with you bringing folks to the apartment. The sidekick offers support, and they're easy to get along with.

Say no to those with an early adopter personality — they have a particular social etiquette that doesn't match yours.

5. The Fixer​

The Fixer

Do you go around the house fixing creaky doors and messed up kitchen cabinets? You're a fixer — the MacGyver of roommates. You're highly analytical and have smart fixes for everything. Pair up with the sergeant who complements your personality with their Type-A tendencies. They'll organize all of the projects around the apartment.

Stay away from the romantic, as they'll exasperate you with their constant conversations about feelings and approaching everything with their emotions. You need structure, and that's not something they can provide.

6. The Artist​

the artist

You're creative. Whether you're a musician, designer or everything in between, you're obsessed with decorating, design aesthetics and keeping up with the latest trends. You know which Pantone color is in right now and how to incorporate it into the space.

You appreciate order, so you're most compatible with the neat freak roommate, who's always cleaning and organizing around the apartment. The comedian won't let you have the spotlight to talk about your vast knowledge of trends and that will lead to a lot of friction. It's just not a great fit.

7. The Early Adopter​

The Early Adopter

You've got the latest iPhone, the latest sneakers and have optimized your morning routine after reading every startup founders' habits on the internet. The tastemaker will appreciate your love for a good routine and make for the best roommate compatibility. Both of you understand the good life, including excellent food, furniture and curated wardrobes.

The social butterfly will bring chaos into your routine with their parties and friends that may break all of your belongings. Keep the peace and stick with a tastemaker roommate.

8. The Helper​

The Helper

As the helper, you're in tune with your feelings and love listening to others' problems while supporting them through a hard time. Your emotional intelligence helps you understand others on a deeper level. The romantic lets you support them and take the lead in solving emotional problems. The romantic is always inside a love drama, and you thrive when you help them.

Avoid the Type-A sergeant as they'll reject your sensitive personality and talks about feelings. They're all business, and you may feel ignored while living with them.

9. The Bookworm​

The Bookworm

The stacks of books and board games in your room rival most of your friends. You love to curl up with a book on a cloudy day and stay home to cook a good meal. Every once in a while, it's good to get out, and that's why you should room with a comedian. They'll entertain you and push you to socialize — a perk as an introvert. You enjoy their company and are comfortable around them.

You're proud of your book stacks and knick-knacks, so rooming with the neat freak is not the best idea. They'll constantly nag you about picking up things and keeping things sparkly clean.

10. The Sidekick​

The Sidekick

You get along with everyone as you go from group to group. You're always supportive of everyone's pursuits and go with the flow. The social butterfly sees eye to eye with you when it comes to heading on a spontaneous adventure. Together, you're both up for something fun.

The tastemaker won't click with your go-with-the-flow attitude, as they have firm opinions about what they like and don't like. Your peacemaker tendencies will make them frustrated.

11. The Sergeant​

The Sergeant

A roommate looking for stability and disciplined routines will enjoy living with you, the sergeant. You keep spreadsheets for upcoming bills, roommate agreements organized in your office and structure within the common spaces. The only personality able to keep up with your rules is the fixer. You provide the list, and they go after it. It's a perfect match.

The helper will not appreciate your order as they're often emotionally motivated. The different perspectives may not be a good fit for your rigid structure.

12. The Neat Freak​

The Neat Freak

You're a devoted follower of Marie Kondo's streamlining techniques. You enjoy organizing your apartment, keeping things clean and meal-prepping for the week ahead. You live your life on a strict schedule and thrive on routine. The artist complements you best, as they'll see the value in your hard work and help you keep up with your Type-A weekly cleanings.

The bookworm will drive you a little mad as they love keeping books, trinkets and other belongings all over the apartment with no structure. Your opposing views on cleanliness will sour the roommate relationship fast.

Finding your match​

While roommate compatibility isn't an exact science, knowing the right questions to ask to determine interests and lifestyles can make all the difference. A bad roommate can quickly sour a perfect apartment, but a good one can make your living situation a fun one. And who knows — maybe even give you a friend for life.

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