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Taking an RV Trip to North Dakota or a Cold-Climate State? 3 Pointers to Consider


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Dec 14, 2023
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Perhaps one of the best aspects of taking an RV is that you can handle just about anything when it comes to the elements. Whereas you might be deterred by snow or cold when tent camping, an RV serves as a sort of home away from home to keep you cozy.


As such, unconventional destinations such as North Dakota, smack dab on the Canadian border, don’t seem so far away.

And hey, why not visit North Dakota? The attractions speak for themselves: Theodore Roosevelt Park, a beautiful view of the Badlands and the opportunity to experience temperatures in the negatives within the continental United States.

RVs and Winter Weather: What to Keep in Mind

But of course, one huge point to consider when it comes to planning your trip to the Peace Garden State is the weather. For those looking to rent an RV in North Dakota or pass through during the winter, precautions most definitely need to be taken for the sake of safety and security.

In fact, all first-time RV travelers should keep in mind what they need to do during snowy, winter trips and the potential headaches that pop up when you least expect them.

Below we’ve broken down some key safety tips for those RVing in areas with heavy snow and ice. No matter where your final destination might be, these tips can help you in a pinch where you might come across unexpected weather during your next RV adventure.

Mind How Your RV Handles

If you’ve never driven an RV before, traveling in a colder climate is most definitely going to be a major test of your on-road skills. Between driving in darkness or otherwise rough terrain, dangers such as black ice likewise loom and can be perilous for unsuspecting drivers.

While many RVs can handle an intense trek, you should most definitely feel comfortable with how your RV handles before hitting the road. Whether that means practicing on calmer roads or letting someone else take the wheel is up to you. Bear in mind that tons of people travel through ice and snow: it’s just a matter of being prepared.

Also, protecting your RV tires during the winter is a must-do granted your RV rental hasn’t already taken such precautions for you.

Protect Your Pipes

Make sure that you’ve wrapped your pipes using heat tape if you know you’re going to be staying in temperatures where it may potentially be freezing. Dealing with a burst pipe is an absolute nightmare for your trip and can also be a pain to repair.

Pack for Emergencies

Emergency items such as thermal blankets, matches and extra food and water are essential to just about any RV trip, but especially those stuck in colder climates. Don’t look at such items as optional if you’re cramped for space: safety should come first. Obviously you should also pick out the proper materials for layering up, too.

Also, ensure that you have constant contact with the outside world by keeping your electronics charged and even investing in a cell service booster.

RVing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to travel as you get to enjoy attractions at your own pace, granted you know how to stay warm along the way! Don’t assume that you can’t make your trip to North Dakota or another cold-climate state happen: it all boils down to your level of planning before you set out on your trek.


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