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The Best All About Me Books for Preschool!


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Dec 14, 2023
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All about me books for preschool are always big hits! These darling stories help kids learn about themselves, from how they are to where they come from to the names they were given. Check out our list of favorites!

A collage of nine covers of all about me books for preschcool.

All about me books teach kids about their unique selves​

There’s no doubt about it: kids love learning about themselves through the stories they read.

Whether it’s their bodies, their families, their names, or their innermost thoughts and feelings, learning comes alive when children can relate the stories they read right back to themelves, who they are and their own real-life experiences.

All about me books for preschool are ripe for connection-making. When children are able to use the stories they listen to as a means for self exploration and discovery, proverbial lightbulbs go off, and they will want to read and savor those books again and again!

These all about me books help kids grow and communicate​

I love all about me books for so many reasons, but mostly because they help teach kids about themselves and how to express themselves, too.

The stories on our list below help kids learn to talk about their emotions, their families, their needs and desires. They help kids discuss where their names came from, their unique attributes, and what they may want to be when they grow up. They even help kids understand all the ways in which they are smart.

Check out our favorites below, and be sure to let us know if you have a favorite all about me book not listed below. We love hearing from you! Enjoy!

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Frequently asked questions​

Why are all about me books important?
All about me books are fabulous for helping kids understand their unique selves. They encourage children to talk about their bodies, their emotions, their families, their needs, their desires and their unique attributes. These stories offer the perfect entryway for discussions on a whole host of topics!

Can you recommend books that help teach children about their families in addition to themselves?
Absolutely! Our families, of course, make up so much of who we are as individuals. Check out all of our children’s books about families here!

Are these all about me books good for the Playing Preschool curriculum?
Yes! In fact, this list has been designed with Year 2 of Playing Preschool in mind. For all of our Playing Preschool book lists, click here! And to learn more about the program, click here.

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We love these all about me books for preschool!​

The cover of What Do You Love About You, one of our favorite all about me books for preschool.

What Do You Love About You?
By Karen Lechelt

We are all individuals, and as each and every one of us has our own unique attributes, we all have something to celebrate! This all about me book for preschool is a perfect reminder that each of us is special in our own way. It encourages kids to ask themselves, “what do I love about me?” It also serves as a wonderful children’s book to boost self-esteem!


The cover of I am Enough, a gorgeous and lyrical all about me book for preschool.

I am Enough
By Grace Byers and Keturah Bobo

This is a stunning poem, a lyrical ode to loving exactly who you are! It’s one of those beautiful picture books you can’t put down without feeling an instant sense of serenity, a feel-good book that empowers all readers to love themselves – and all of their unique abilities and attributes – unconditionally.


We're Different We're the Same, a fun all about me book.

We’re Different, We’re the Same
By Bobbi Kates and Joe Mathieu

This is always a fan favorite, as kids simply love Sesame Street. While it may not be the most exciting or innovative all about me book for preschool, it shows children that each and every one of us are made up of the same parts, No matter how different we may look on the outside, we are all very much the same at our core. This is a great read to help young kids understand the beauty of diversity, and it acts as a wonderful springpoint for discussion, especially for those of you with older children.


The cover of I am Me, a fabulous all about me book for preschool.

I Am Me: A Book of Authenticity
By Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds

Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds strike again, and in their newest installment of the I Am Books, they are back and better than ever. Have you ever felt that you had to hide your true self from the world? That you were holding back for fear of the response you may get from others? We’ve all felt that way, yet each and every one of us is worthy of celebration, and when we show the world who we are we will not only leave a lasting mark, but we will live with joy! I love how this book encourages all readers to love themselves and live authentically!


The cover of How Do You Feel?, a fabulous all about me book to discuss feelings with preschoolers.

How Do You Feel?
By Lizzy Rockwell

If you have a toddler in your house, this one is a must! In this darling toddler book about feelings, girls and boys feel various emotions: happy, sad, silly, mad, and more. The detailed illustrations on each spread depict children in different situations, and their facial expressions help kids understand why they are experiencing particular feelings under the given circumstances. Simple, yet effective, I just adore this book to use as both a foundation for building emotional literacy and a springboard for having those vital early conversations with little ones about feelings.


The cover of Alma and How She Got Her Name, a favorite book about the derivation of names.

Alma and How She Got Her Name
By Juana Martinez-Neal

This is a perfect book to use as a springboard to disucss where your child’s name came from. It is also one of my very favorite Hispanic children’s books that everyone needs on their shelf! A little girl complains to her father about her long name — Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela. “It never fits,” she tells her Dad. Her frustration prompts a discussion between father and child as to why Alma was given such a long name, and Alma’s eyes suddenly open to the legacies she carries with her and the beloved ancestors for whom she was named. Upon learning all about her vibrant name, Alma realizes that it may be the perfect fit after all. Check out our full review here!


The cover of Sometimes, All I Need is Me, one of our favorite all about me books.

Sometimes All I Need is Me
By Juliana Perdomo

This fantastic story takes readers on a young girl’s journey as she moves through her day. The child loves the world she lives in, but she also finds ways to self-soothe when surroundings are different and feelings are unfamiliar. Sometimes the things we need to feel safe are right inside us, and we simply need to discover how to find them in times of need. While we all hope our kids grow up surrounded by great support systems and love from family and friends, teaching them to trust themselves and that they possess all the tools they need to succeed is of vital significance. This beautiful new book speaks to these principles in a simple manner that is easy for children to grasp and profound enough that it will resonate with any grownup reading it to the child snuggling next to them.


The cover of A Family is a Family is a Family, a wonderful book all about families.

A Family is a Family is a Family
By Sara O’Leary and Qin Leng

A young student is hesitant to tell her classmates about her unique family. But once the other students begin talking about their own alternative families, the students quickly learn there is no one way to be. Instead, each family is special in its own, uniquely wonderful way. This flawless story conveys that families come in all shapes and sizes, some with divorced parents, others with adopted children, some with same sex parents and others with multiracial parents, just to name a few. It is a fabulous all about me book, because so much of who we are stems from our family units!


One of the most gorgeous all about me books, the cover of The Me I Choose to Be.

The Me I Choose to Be
By Natasha Anastasia Tarpley with art by Regis and Kahran Bethencourt

WOW. This book is simply exquisite. Not only is the prose lyrical, lovely and pure perfection, but the photographs are unparalleled. What will you choose to be? The simple question begs a variety of answers and imaginative journeys. The result is glorious, with each uniquely creative page an ode to childhood, the power of potential, and a meditation on self-love and internal beauty. This gorgeous book is a celebration of diversity and childhood, and it is infused with wonder on each and every page.


The cover of All the Ways to Be Smart, a fabulous all about me book.

All the Ways to Be Smart
By Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys

A diverse group of children celebrates the ways in which they are just that — smart. From readers to builders, creators to healers, this book showcases all of the various ways children display their own unique forms of intelligence. Intelligence manifests itself so differently in all of our little ones, and each kid’s smarts — whether in the form of creativity, ingenuity, or sensitivity — should not just be recognized, but honored, celebrated, and applauded, too! Use this all about me book to discuss the multitude of ways in which your child is brilliant!


The cover of What Riley Wore, a children's all about me book pertaining to clothes.

What Riley Wore
By Elana K. Arnold and Linda Davick

I love books that authentically capture a child’s self-expression and the freedom with which they go about their days and routines. Here, Riley knows just what to wear each day. Whether it’s a superhero cape when Riley needs to be brave at the dentist, construction gear to help Dad at the hardware store, or a fancy ball gown to dine at a fancy restaurant, Riley always wears the clothing that feels exactly right. When another child on the playground questions whether Riley is a girl or a boy, Riley’s answer is simple: Riley is a firefighter, a dancer, a monster hunter, a pilot, and a dinosaur. LOVE this one, and it is a fun all about me book for preschoolers that encourages kids to use clothing as a way to express who they want to be each day!


The cover of What Will You Be?, a fabulous all about me book for preschool.

What Will You Be?
By Yamile Saied Mendez and illustrated by Kate Alizadeh

One of the most commonly asked questions all children get asked sounds simple, at first: “what will you be when you grow up?” But simple questions don’t always have simple answers, prompting one little girl to ponder all of the possibilities for her future. After all, as the child learns from her abuela, our potential is limitless. We love the message this book conveys, encouraging children to foster their curiosity and dream big. The glowing illustrations are a perfect addition to this vibrant read!


The cover of Roch What Ya Got, a fun and witty all about me book for preschool.

Rock What Ya Got
By Samantha Berger and Kerascoet

This is the story of an artist who picks up a piece of paper and draws a little girl. The girl has a face, a body, two arms and legs, and a mane of wild black hair. The artist sighs deeply though, because her girl is not quite right. Yet something surprising happens every time the artist attempts to erase her creation: her character, Viva, grabs hold of the artist’s pencil and tries to stop her. Why? Because Viva likes who she is, and she wants the artist to let her rock what she’s got. Through lively illustrations, snappy rhyme and a jubilant tone, Viva ensures that she will be celebrated, not erased. For our full review of Rock What Ya Got, CLICK HERE!


Happy reading!

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