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The Look After Summit


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Dec 14, 2023
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I captured these photos two days ago right after Sirbaz and Joshi returned to the Basecamp after summiting Annapurna-1 (8,091m). It had taken them two days to descend from the summit. On the way back, they had to close camps and bring all the gear they had left on the higher camps during previous rotations. So when they the Basecamp on the evening of 17th April, they were fully loaded like mules.


Sirbaz Khan

Mt. Annapurna has 35% fatality rate, the highest of all fourteen 8000ers. But, this year, it has been very kind. There has been a record 67 summits this time without any fatalities. A history was made, but it was only possible because the mountain allowed the climbers.


Abdul Joshi

Yesterday, we flew out of the Basecamp to Dana and drove to Pokhara where after a spending a night and celebrating our success with other team members, today we flew to Kathmandu.

We would like to thank everyone for their support in this project, especially our partners,

Shama Ijaz Foundation (@hassanijaz)
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