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The Meaning of Easter Lilies and Other Seasonal Plants


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Dec 14, 2023
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The Importance of Easter Lilies

Nothing beats the feeling of excited anticipation as we wait for fresh spring flowers to emerge. Beautiful blossoms in every color of the rainbow bring forth an air of positivity and rejuvenation, instantly adding a spring to your step. It seems this season is appropriately named!

Gifting flowers to family and loved ones is a long-held tradition, not just because of their beauty, but because of the meaning and symbolism attributed to each different flower. Many popular spring blossoms hold particular significance, and the act of gifting a meaningful flower can express a heartfelt message to a lucky recipient. While there are many different spring flowers with symbolic meanings, the Easter lily is definitely the most notable.

The Importance of Easter Lilies​

As the name suggests, this delicate white blossom is the official flower of the Easter holiday. On Easter Sunday, Christian churches adorn their altars with these beautiful lilies to honor the resurrection of Jesus. The flower emerges from a bulb planted in a ground, which acts as a symbol of new life, just as Jesus emerged from the tomb after his death. The white color signifies hope, peace, and purity, and its trumpet-like shape brings to mind the trumpet call of the Angel Gabriel. Legend has it that the Easter lily emerged from the soil where Jesus wept in the Garden of Gethsemane, but others say they first appeared in the Garden of Eden. When we decorate our homes with Easter lilies, they act as a reminder to celebrate this joyful season of renewal and rebirth.


Several other spring flowers hold deeper meanings, so selecting the right one to send as a gift can deliver a particularly special message to the receiver. Take a look at our list of much-admired spring flowers and their corresponding meanings, so you can choose the perfect flowers to pot and gift to that special someone.

Azaleas: This popular plant makes a perfect gift to send to your other half, as it symbolizes tenderness, love, and caring for another. Its red and dark pink varieties are especially romantic, making them an appropriate choice to give to your partner, whereas the pink and purple varieties are more lighthearted and sweet, often acting as a symbol of love towards family members, particularly if the sender is feeling homesick. Yellow varieties are a good choice for a platonic companion because yellow blossoms are seen as a token of friendship.


Calla Lilies: This sleek flower gets its name from the Greek word for beauty, so naturally it acts as a symbol of attraction. The most common variety of calla lily features a crisp white blossom formed from a single curved petal and has often appeared in classical artworks featuring the Virgin Mary. Similarly to the Easter lily, it represents purity and faith, and it is meant to be given as a gift to your spouse for your sixth wedding anniversary.

While the white variety is the most recognizable, calla lilies can also come in many different colors. The yellow variety symbolizes appreciation and gratitude, the black variety represents mystery and sophistication, and the red version represents passion and courage.

Daffodils: Also known as narcissus, this cute yellow flower gets its name from the Greek God of the same name. Greek mythology states that Narcissus was so enraptured by his beautiful reflection in the water that he fell in the river, so this beautiful bloom that often sprouts along riverbanks has earned its name honestly. It is meant to be given as an anniversary gift after ten years of marriage. In China, the daffodil is actually the official flower of the New Year, because it’s seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune, whereas in France it is seen as a sign of optimism and hope.


Tulips: Tulips are considered to be the 11th -anniversary flower, but since it comes in many different colors, each variation holds a different meaning. Yellow tulips symbolize joy and positive thinking, purple tulips convey regality and elegance, white tulips represent forgiveness, and red tulips represent deep everlasting love.

Harmony Irises: This early-blooming dwarf variety of iris comes in a deep indigo shade with a vivid jolt of yellow in the center. While typically the iris is a symbol of showing one’s true colors, the indigo variety specifically represents wisdom, courage and good news. Irises are also meant to be given as a 25th anniversary gift.


Hydrangeas: This lush cluster of blossoms represents abundance, due to their voluminous shapes. The purple variety acts as a symbol of appreciation for a loved one when they truly understand you for who you are. In Japan, blue hydrangeas are considered to be a token of apology. Many give pink hydrangeas as a 4th wedding anniversary gift, as it symbolizes profound and sincere emotion.

Offering a gift of flowers to a loved one is always a sweet gesture, but the message you convey is that much more profound when you choose a flower that carries its own unique meaning. With so many stunning spring blooms to choose from, it can be tricky to choose just one, but if you have a specific message that you’d like to send, you can find the ideal flower for the occasion based on the symbolism and special meaning it holds.

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