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Things to Consider on Your Holistic Healing Journey


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Dec 14, 2023
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If you are about to embark on a new healing journey, embracing the world of herbs and natural treatment modalities, I am so excited for you. I remember those first days and the eager anticipation of a different experience than I had previously.

If you, like me at the time, are coming from the paradigm and viewpoint of a pharmacological model, you may find your new experience with natural modalities underwhelming. This is a common occurrence for many of my clients when they are not experiencing results fast enough. Words such as, “I was on herbs for two weeks and things aren’t better yet.” are uttered and disappointment ensues.

I truly believe that much of this disappointment can be mitigated if we just understood the basic differences between an allopathic/medical model and that of a holistic and natural healing viewpoint. That was my goal in the video below; to provide you with some realistic expectations and benchmarks.

The Video​


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