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Understanding Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma


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Dec 14, 2023
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Blog August 11

When it comes to trauma, Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma are unique experiences. They are not confined to one belief system or religion. Rather, experts say they show up the more fundamentalist and cult-like a religious community becomes.

Earlier this year, Psychology Today published a fantastic article about Spiritual Abuse, summarising what it is, how it occurs, and how our understanding of it has grown in the past three decades. Did you know one professional has even hypothesised that a condition called Religious Trauma Syndrome exists? Showing facets of PTSD and Complex PTSD, it is not currently listed in the DSM-5 of official diagnoses. But who know if that could change as our understanding grows?

One of the latest developments is the creation of a free Spiritual Abuse and harm screener, allowing anyone with an internet connection to answer 27 questions and assess if and how they have experienced Spiritual Abuse.

We learned so much from this article on Psychology Today written by Araya Baker, M.Phil.Ed., it prompted us to create an Infographic. Here is the 101 on Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma. If you think you may have experienced it, you are not alone – and you’re not overreacting. Take a look.

Spiritual abuse infographic

Have you experienced spiritual abuse? Are you coping with the fall out of Religious Trauma? Contact Colleen on 0434 337 245, Duncan on 0434 331 243 or Rachel on 0442177193 for a FREE 10-minute phone consultation on how we can best help you, or press book now and make an appointment.

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