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Winter Wake Up


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Dec 14, 2023
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alsip winter wake up gardening tools

As winter fades and spring arrives, it’s time to assess how your garden fared during the cold, dormant months. Early spring is the best time to troubleshoot any garden problems so you can find solutions and have your best gardening year yet. Follow our checklist to make sure you can give your garden the green light this spring!

alsip woman planting in spring garden

Look for Signs of Life

Get started on troubleshooting during the early spring months. Begin by doing a full assessment of your garden. Check on anything you planted before the winter months that you were hoping would bloom in early spring. Check for green sprouts or growth of any kind. As you’re assessing what is thriving, it’s also a good time to take an inventory of what appears to be struggling. Check for damaged plants or anything overgrown. Foster and cultivate what has potential, and get ready to trim the dead weight!

alsip winter wake up garden cleaning

Garden Clean Up

One of the easiest places to start in early spring is to scan your yard and clean up anything that belongs in the trash or compost. The best solution for anything that didn’t survive the winter is just to get rid of it! Sometimes, as gardeners, we need to know when to start over or try something new. Take this time to do other clean-up chores like raking leaves, freshening up mulch, picking up large sticks, and getting rid of any trash that may have blown into your yard. Now is a great time to clean up your bird feeders and baths as well so that your feathered friends have a clean and cozy place to stay.

alsip winter wake up garden tool shed

Potential Issue #1:
I forgot to store my tools properly!

Alsip Troubleshooting:

Most of the time, you should be able to restore your gardening tools back to health with a wash and some TLC. However, sometimes you need to know when to cut your losses and replace your gardening tools. You may be able to sharpen a blade or clean off grime, but if something is broken, it’s best to replace it for an easier, safer, and happier gardening experience!


Potential Issue #2:
I think my garden features are damaged!

Alsip Troubleshooting:

Hardscaping damage includes any damage or wear and tear to retaining walls, fencing, trellis, decking, container gardens, and any other permanent fixture in your landscape. Many small issues can be fixed with an easy DIY: patching a hole, adding a few nails into your fence, putting a new coat of paint on a piece of pottery, etc. For more substantial damage, it’s probably best to contact a landscape professional for solutions or replace the yard feature completely.

alsip winter wake up family digging in dirt

Potential Issue #3:
I think the cold hurt my plants!

Alsip Troubleshooting:

Winter is always a risk for our dearly beloved plants, and it brings many potential garden problems. Try as we might to protect them from the cold, sometimes things get damaged. However, it may just be a case of needing to give the plant some extra time. Some trees and shrubs may need to be pruned back before you see any signs of life, and some take longer than others to leaf out. Double-check what your individual plants need, and do your best! There may be hope to save it after all, and if not, simply sacrifice it to the compost and try again next time.

alsip winter wake up young plants sprouting

Potential Issue #4:
How can I give my plants a strong start this year?

Alsip Troubleshoot:

Early spring is a great time to not only troubleshoot garden problems but to be proactive about growing a healthy, thriving garden. Prepare your garden now, in early spring, to have a bountiful harvest and boundless blooms. Check your soil with a soil test, add nutrients or amendments if necessary, and prep your flower beds. Start planting at the right time, and then face the biggest challenge of all; be patient!

If you’re looking for solutions to troubleshooting your garden problems for early spring in St.John, visit our contact us! We’ll help you get growing on your best garden yet!

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